Gone are the days when the remark “you look more mature” is taken as a compliment. Today, it can be regarded as an insult, since we’re all trying to look younger, fresher, and more radiant.

If you’re past your 30’s, you may now be dabbing eye creams, touching up some grays, and slather retinoids every day to combat the signs of aging. So it’s such a bummer that all these anti-aging efforts can instantly go down the drain because of one small, careless mistake: bad eyebrows. They can be over-plucked, naturally thin out, turn gray, become unruly and thick, or end up in a hilarious shape, making you look older you are.

Whether your bad brows are a result of total neglect or a bad eyebrow shaping service, you can turn things around with the right solution. Below are 5 types of bad eyebrows that make you look older, and how to fix them with DIY techniques and professional help.

1. Ultra-arched, “angry” brows

Arches that are too angular, sharp, fine, and high (see Taraji P. Henson) have caused several misunderstandings and bad impressions. If you’ve been called out as “strict”, “unapproachable”, or “bitchy” because of your strong arched eyebrows, you’re not alone.

Quick DIY brow fix: Try going for straighter, fuller brows, a look popularized by Korean beauty gurus which give you a more youthful and pleasant aura. Camouflage your strong arches first with a concealer. Then, draw a straight line above and under your brows and fill them in lightly. Use some sheer brow gel to set them.

Professional brow fix: If you want a semi-permanent approach, look for eyebrow shaping services that alter the natural shape of your brows. Consult with a brow expert to assess your face shape and subtly calm down your angry brows with the right brow shaping techniques.

2. Vanishing and thinning brows

Thinning hair is associated with age – and your thin, sparse or patchy brows are no exception. Aside from age, nutrient deficiency, and hormonal disorders, overplucking is a major reason why your brows are vanishing.

Quick DIY brow fix: Bring the fullness back to your arches with the right eyebrow makeup. Use a light hand to fill in patchy spots with a brow pencil or a stiff, angled brow brush dipped in brow powder.

Fill in your brows using light, feathery strokes, concentrating on sparse areas. Finish it off by brushing hairs up and out with a spoolie to blend powder and make it look more natural.

Professional brow fix: If you’re sick of filling in your brows every day, you may try microblading, an advanced brow filling technique. It’s like tattooing, but it uses a very fine micro blading pen for inserting pigment into your brows.

3. Tadpole/Comma eyebrows

If there’s one beauty trend during the 90’s we don’t want to see ever again, that’d be tadpole eyebrows. Tadpole-shaped (also known as “comma”) arches and other cringy silhouettes with ultra-thin outer edges (which could be a result of overplucking) leave you looking more mature.

Quick DIY brow fix: Lengthen or thicken the brow tails with a good eyebrow pencil. Pay attention to the outer edges or the “tail” of your brows, which are the first to naturally thin out.

Professional brow fix: Not a fan of microblading? Lash and brow serums work wonders. You may want to grow your natural eyebrows back or make what you have slightly thicker. Serums help condition the follicles and promote hair growth.

Visit a professional brow specialist for advice on which shape and thickness are suitable for you.

4. Unruly, overgrown brows

Fuller-looking eyebrows do make you look more youthful as opposed to a fine, overplucked ones. On the other hand, eyebrows that are bushy, unruly, and extra lengthy and coarse are a different story. They can make eyes look smaller and lids look droopy, which add years to your face.

Quick DIY brow fix: Every lady must learn how to groom their brows with a tweezer or blade. Following your natural brow shape, trim and tweeze unwanted hairs to set them in place.

Professional brow fix: If you don’t trust yourself with a tweezer and a pair of scissors, seek professional help. There are many non-invasive eyebrow shaping services for grooming unruly eyebrows, including threading and waxing.

5. Graying eyebrows

Gray or white hairs are telltale signs you’re getting old. You can easily cover them with regular hair dye, but it’s a different story when your brows are graying too. From a distance, gray/white or light-colored brows look colorless, making your brows look completely bald.

Quick DIY brow fix: If there are only a few strays, find a good brow marker that matches your natural hair color. Use the felt-tip to precisely “paint” hairs and get darker, fuller-looking brows instantly. You may use a brow crayon too. For a significant number of grays, temporarily color them with a tinted brow gel.

Professional brow fix: If the brows are completely gray, consider having your eyebrows dyed. Ask a professional eyebrow shaping salon for their eyebrow tinting services.

Note: Eyebrow tinting may be risky if you DIY since it could cause skin and eye infections and allergies. Leave the job to the pros and make sure to perform a patch test before the procedure.

Author Bio: Mina Natividad is a resident writer for BrowCo Eyelash Extensions & Eyebrow Shaping, a top of the line brow and lash bar in Australia, which prides itself in delivering professional eyebrow shaping and eyelash extension services. She loves writing articles about women’s health and beauty.


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