5 Ways of Skin Care after using a Bikini Trimmer

5 ways of skin care after using a bikini trimmer

There are several methods of removing unwanted hair from the bikini area – waxing, shaving, trimming, epilation are the more obvious, fairly inexpensive but temporary hair removal options, while Laser/electrolysis a more permanent, expensive option.

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Here, we will be talking about using bikini trimmers and more importantly how you can groom your skin after using a bikini trimmer, to keep your bikini area, clean, smooth and nourished.

With bikini trimmers, there are several options these days. You can use an electric trimmer to just trim the bikini hair down to a mere 1-inch while trimming clean the bikini line completely. Alternatively, you have electrical trimmers that also have a shaving option, where you can trim and shave the hair to get a bare look.

5 ways of skin care after using a bikini trimmer

While trimming and shaving with an electric razor is by far the most painless method with the least chance of getting nicks and cuts, there are still certain precautions to be taken to ensure you get a quality trim ‘down there’ with minimal or no skin irritation.

Everyone has their own skin care routine that is just right and works for them, but we have listed down the most common, most suitable skin care routines that you can adapt after trimming your bikini area, so that the skin down there feels nourished, hydrated and smooth without any irritation.

Step 1: Wash well

You would most likely have dry trimmed your bikini area. Once you are done trimming, get back in the shower, so you can wash off the area well. This also helps soothe the skin. Make sure the water is warm and not too hot. If you feel the skin is pulled too much or irritated, gently wash the area with normal water, so that the skin is soothed and the pores are closed.

Step 2: Exfoliate

Yes, you have already exfoliated before trimming. But that was to ensure that dead skin cells are cleaned out and the hair stands straight. This is important as it will help you trim closer and better. Once you finish the trimming process, exfoliating will help get rid of the excess dead skin cells and the stray trimmed hair.

When you exfoliate, do so very gently, so as to not irritate the skin further.

Step 3: Pat the area dry; no rubbing

Once the area is exfoliated and washed well, gently pat it dry. You need to make sure the bikini area is completely dry before you moisturize or powder it, but you cannot rush the process by rubbing the skin dry. Gently pat it dry, wait a bit, then dry some more.

It may seem like you are taking too long, but right after a trim, it is necessary to be gentle with the skin, so that there is no skin inflammation or irritation. Also, when you trim, fine hair remains in the bikini area, and rubbing it will only make it stand up and feel coarse and prickly.

Step 4: Moisturize

With the multiple washing (pre and post-trimming), your bikini area will be devoid of all natural oil and moisture, which can make the skin feel dry and stretchy. Once the skin is dry, use a mild moisturizer, preferably unscented. Better yet, use baby lotion. It will be gentle on the skin.

If you have sensitive skin, which tends to get red or blotchy easily, use a cold compress and apply aloe vera gel. It will cool down the skin and eliminate any redness. If the bikini area looks inflamed (which is rare when you trim), then you can apply an anti-inflammatory cream.

Step 5: Baby powder

After you moisturize, dab some baby powder. Do not overdo it. Just a light dab of the powder, to allow the skin to breathe. It will also ensure that the bikini area doesn’t become too oily. The baby powder will soak up excess oils leaving the skin nourished. Plus, it will help keep the bikini area smooth and not slippery.

Allow skin to breathe. Go with cotton

Once the skin is cleaned and moisturized, let it breathe. Do not wear material that can irritate the skin, especially on the day of the shave. Stick to cotton briefs. The material will fall softly on the skin and won’t irritate the bikini area.

Also, do not immediately wear tight underwear. Go for something loose fitting and comfortable. Tight fitting material will not give your freshly trimmed bikini area any breathing room and the finely trimmed bikini hair can get prickly and uncomfortable.

While these are the basic skin care steps once you trim the bikini area, you can develop a skin care routine that’s different yet perfect for you. It is important to take up a skin care routine that is best for your skin.

Some people have very sensitive skin, so exfoliation is just not an option. In such cases, they may have to wash, dry and immediately moisturize and that too only with specific creams or moisturizers with aloe gel and other soothers favorable for sensitive skin.

On the other hand, you could be one of those who may not need an intense skincare grooming session post a bikini trim. Even so, it is best to be gentle and definitely moisturize, so that your bikini area stays smooth and silken.

No matter what the skin type and how fast your hair re-grows, you will need to wait at least a couple of weeks, ideally 3 to 4 weeks, before you re-trim your bikini area.

There are people who manage to trim every week, but if you are only starting out with an electric trimmer, then you need to give your skin some time to adjust. Therefore, wait at least 3 weeks the first couple of time before you use a trimmer again for the bikini area. This will allow your skin to adjust and prevent the skin from getting too dry or irritated from repeated trimmings.

Once you have perfected post trimming skin care grooming, you’ll find bikini trimming to be the most convenient and comfortable method of eliminating unwanted bikini hair.


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