The global jewelry industry was recently valued at $278.5 billion and is predicted to see steady growth over the coming years. This is both good and bad news for anyone interested in the jewelry-making business.

The good news is that selling jewelry can be a highly profitable endeavor. The bad news is that purchasing individual pieces or jewelry-making materials can put a strain on your wallet.

How do you get around these high upfront costs if you want to purchase or make jewelry on a budget? Consider looking into wholesale pendants.

To give you a sense of how useful wholesale pendants can be, let’s talk about 7 awesome things you can do with wholesale pendants. Read on to learn more!

Where to Find Quality Wholesale Pendants

First thing’s first: let’s talk about finding the right wholesale pendants.

The joy of wholesale is that you’re not paying a bunch of extra fees tacked on by the seller. Instead, you’re basically paying for the manufacturing cost, which stays low when companies produce their pendants in bulk.

That being said, no two wholesalers are alike. You want to find a company that doesn’t sacrifice quality for a low price.

Wholesale Pendants

I buy wholesale pendants from this website. I love the quality, variety, and the price you’ll find there.

7 Things to Do with Wholesale Pendants

Alright, so you know where you can buy great wholesale pendants. Now it’s time to talk about what you can do with them once you have them. Your options are unlimited, so keep in mind that this list only scratches the surface!

1. Start an Online Business

Have you always wanted a side business but weren’t sure what to offer? Necklaces and bracelets are some of the most popular fares on online shopping centers like Etsy.

Online shoppers are looking more and more for opportunities to support small businesses and DIY creators. Plus, platforms like Etsy make it so easy to become a DIY business owner in a matter of minutes!

2. Get Your Own Craft Fair Booth

Do you prefer face-to-face interactions with your potential customers? There are plenty of opportunities to showcase your simple but trendy necklaces to the people in your community!

Do a bit of research and find out about craft fairs and other marketplaces near you. Get yourself on the list, grab a cardtable, print up some business cards, and get to creating with your wholesale pendants. The people in your community will be thrilled to support a new creator!

3. Make Unique and Memorable Birthday Gifts

Maybe business isn’t your forte but crafting and jewelry-making still appeals to you. If that’s the case, why not make jewelry for your loved ones?

When you’re making jewelry for people in your life, you have the added bonus of catering your work to their style. You can find all sorts of wholesale pendants that represent everything from birth months to hobbies and interests. Your loved ones will adore their personalized jewelry.

4. Host a Jewelry-Making Party

Do you love hosting ladies’ nights? Are you getting a little worn down on painting and pottery-making? Buy some wholesale pendants, beads, chains, and cords and host a jewelry-making party!

Depending on how simple you want the final product to be, jewelry-making can be one of those delightful 5-minute crafts that give you plenty of time to snack, chat, and show off your new jewelry.

5. Sell Jewelry for a Good Cause

There’s never a bad time to start a fundraiser, whether you’ve got your eye on a charity or want to help out a special member of your community. When it comes to philanthropic giving, people are often willing to share their wealth without getting something else in return. However, when you throw in something like a beautiful necklace or charm bracelet, you’re providing an even greater incentive to give!

By using wholesale pendants, you don’t have to worry about a huge upfront cost. That means that you’ll break even in no time and have plenty of money to donate to a good cause.

6. Make Matching Pieces for Your Bridesmaids

It’s customary for a bride to provide small gifts for her bridesmaids. Although it’s an honor to be in your wedding, you also have to remember that it’s no small task. Bridesmaids tend to buy their dresses, take time off of work, and cover their own travel and accommodation expenses.

As a thank you, give them a gift that doubles as a wedding-day accessory. Use wholesale pendants to create matching necklaces that compliment the rest of your wedding colors. They’ll love wearing them as they walk down the aisle and they’ll love wearing them for years to come!

7. Create One-of-a-Kind Jewelry Just for You

Not every DIY craft has to serve a bigger purpose. Sometimes, you want to craft for the sake of crafting–and for the sake of treating yourself.

When you start making your own jewelry, you have the luxury of matching your pieces to your wardrobe. Never again will you have to rummage through your jewelry box to discover that none of your jewelry matches your outfit for the day!

Whatever Your Reason, Craft with Wholesale Pendants

There are so many great things you can do with wholesale pendants. (Did we mention that they’re not just for jewelry anymore? You can even use them to jazz up clothing and textile decor!)

Whatever you decide to do with them, make sure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck by sticking with wholesale pendants. Don’t pay more than you have to for beautiful crafting materials!

What other DIY skills are you looking to learn? What lifestyle changes have captured your attention lately?

No matter your interests or taste, we’ve got something for every woman out there. Take a look around and see what we mean!



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