Studies show that 75% of women with facial hair feel severe anxiety about it. Many avoid social situations and have low self-esteem because of it, too.

It is 100% natural for women to have facial hair as they get older in particular. It is nothing to feel ashamed about, and it is your choice whether you remove it or not. There are many beautiful women who have facial hair.

But it is also your choice if you want to learn how to get rid of facial hair. There are several methods, and some will work better for you than others. Some might also depend on whether you want to remove eyebrow, nose, face, or chin hair.

Here is a full list to make an informed decision and weigh up the pros and cons.


One of the most popular ways to remove facial hair is waxing.


Waxing consists of using a heated liquid which you (or a technician) can apply to the skin and pull away quickly, removing the hair at the root. Some waxes need wax strips, but you can pull some thicker waxes off by themselves once dried.

Most waxes consist of natural ingredients like beeswax and honey. This type of facial hair removal lasts longer than most others and is safe to do anywhere on the face. When repeated, waxing can thin out the hair and stop it from growing back at all.

But it can be a painful type of facial hair removal for women as facial skin is soft and sensitive. It can cause irritation, too. So, don’t forget to apply an aloe vera-based moisturizer or gel afterward.

And a big downside is that the hair needs to be at least one-quarter inch long before you can wax it. If the hair is dark and dense, some women might feel self-conscious about leaving the facial hair to grow this long before removing it. This is an interesting read on facial waxing if you want to know more about it.


Sugaring is a lot like waxing. But instead of using wax, the ingredients consist of lemon, sugar, and water. You or a professional applies and removes the sugar solution exactly as you would when getting rid of facial hair via waxing.

Fans of sugaring say that it does not attach to the skin in the same way as waxing. So, it is less likely to cause irritation or cause the hair to break off mid-pull.

For sugaring to be as effective as possible, cleanse and exfoliate so that the hairs are not trapped under sebum or everyday dirt.

To avoid irritation, try not to wear make-up or touch your face for 24 hours after sugaring. Like waxing, the results should last two to four weeks.


Many girls learned how to get rid of facial hair by stealing their mother’s tweezers and overplucking their eyebrows.

It is one of the simplest and cheapest methods of hair removal. All you need is a clean pair of tweezers, and that’s it! This method is the best if you only have one or two hairs on your face that you want to remove.

For the best results, start with a clean face and tweezers. Grab the hair as close to the skin as possible and pull in the direction the hair is growing. This will reduce the likelihood of breakage.

If it takes a few tries for your tweezers to pull a hair, you may need to invest in some sharper ones.


Want to know how to remove facial hair on sensitive or acne-prone skin? The answer is threading. It is an ancient, eastern form of hair removal that is now popular in western countries.

Many women opt for threading to remove eyebrow hair, but it is suitable for use anywhere on the face. Threaders use twisted cotton thread to grab a hair (or several) and pull it away from the skin.

The downside of threading is that it is difficult to do yourself, so you may need to hire a professional. But it is quicker than tweezing and causes less skin irritation than waxing. And unlike waxing, it can remove the shortest of hairs.


Dermaplaning is the next big thing in make-up artistry and facial care. This type of hair removal gets rid of the “vellus” hair on your face, also known as peach fuzz, and the top layer of dead skin.

This is ideal for ladies who want to take hair removal to the next level and have a flawless finish when they wear make-up. It is time-consuming to keep on top of, but you can buy your own machine, so you don’t have to pay for salon treatments.

Laser Hair Removal and Electrolysis

Women with lots of dark chin hair may want to consider a more permanent type of hair removal treatment like laser or electrolysis. It can be painful, expensive, and it will take a few sessions to be effective.

These options are better for ladies with dark, thick hair on their faces. Always do your research and check the laser is compatible with your skin tone.

Hair Removal Cream

If you want a pain-free way to remove your facial hair, then hair removal cream is the best option for you. These work by dissolving the hair at the root in a matter of minutes so you can wipe it away to a smooth finish.

These products are often more affordable than other hair removal options, but make sure you buy a product that is suitable for facial use. The results do not last as long as waxing, and these products can also irritate the skin.

Do a patch test on your arm before you put a new product anywhere near your beautiful face!

How To Get Rid of Facial Hair: Seven Methods for You To Try

Figuring out how to get rid of facial hair in a way that works for you and your hair can take some trial and error. You also need to weigh up the time and monetary costs. But with plenty of choices, you will be enjoying a smooth, hair-free face in no time.

Need more beauty and wellness advice to boost your self-esteem and help you feel good inside and out? Our huge catalog of tips has got you covered!


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