Tired of doing monotonous makeup? Then you can choose from the traditional red, orange, pink border and choose blue. Blue is a great fit with the color of the Indian cow, and the plain outfit is also remarkable in making it very dramatic. Available in multiple shades, this color is perfect for day and night! The classic Blue Shade is coming back great, especially this New Year! So do not hesitate to dress in blue and get beautified with the best airbrush makeup kit.


The blue color is very well adapted to the makeup of the eyes. If you want to do bold eye makeup, then blush eyeshades blue eyeshade. You can also do smoky eye makeup in combination with blue or black shadow shade. If there is a cocktail party then wears a little blue glitter in the middle of the eyelid. No need to wear lipstick or blush let the blue eyes work around you!

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The trend of colorful mascara has become quite popular in the last few years, and it continues to do so this year. Keep the volume-enhancing mascara near your hand. Office or party everywhere will swear!


The use of blue eyeliner or eye pencil has begun for several years. You can wear solid blueliners, but the blueliners provided by the shimmer will look very nice!


Talking about wearing blue lipstick, I know many will go back, but our advice is to try it at least once! Sometimes people don’t like to be surprised, say?

Nail polish

If you want to increase the glamour of the nails in one go, then take the blue nail polish. Blue nail polish fits with any garment. Apart from that, the blue nail polish is perfect as a base for any nail art! So don’t stay behind! Color your nails and become a glamorous queen!

These shades are a must to increase the lipstick collection in the New Year:

It was a wonderful New Year to see! This is the time to refine you! And if the context of the decoration becomes, it is incomplete without lipstick! So when your makeup box is fresh in the New Year, take a look at your lipstick collection. See if your lipstick will be incomplete without any color!

The glamorous red

Be it a party or wedding, red lips without dishonor! Buy a red color that’s not just average gorgeous red, but a little pink sweater! Regardless of the color of your garment, everything else will match this red shade.

Lipstick Girl

The burnt orange

Many people do not feel comfortable to wear red or dark pink lipstick. They can choose orange shades for a party or event. Instead of dark orange, wear a slightly darker shade orange. Besides the red lipstick that can become glamorous, you have to show it to everyone?

Shiny nude

Do not want to wear dark colors during the day? Wear a nude lipstick, top it with a glossy topcoat. Shiny nude can be worn at night too. In that case, wearing a little shimmer lip gloss will freeze your night party.

Metallic burgundy

If you want to be bold with lip gestures, you must have a collection of Metallic Burgundy Shades Lipstick. This lipstick has a metallic finish in dark red. If you want to be different in the crowd, definitely keep this shade in stock.

Pink in Peach Shade

Is there a chat with friends at noon? Do not wear series like red, burgundy or orange, but choose sweet rosemary pink. Buy Peach Shade Puffy Muted Pink instead of Bright Pink. Even when you go to the office, you can swear!



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