Certified Success Coach, Rachel Letham launched her Self Care Survival Kit in mid-2019 and has recently seen global growth with growing demand for self care ideas and inspiration during the Coronavirus pandemic. After publishing her debut book Self Care for the Seasons in late 2020, the Sussex-based Self Care Coach has launched the Self Care Survival Kit Shop to help others curate their own self care kit.

Christmas 2021, sees the launch of a range of five self care packages within the Self Care Survival Kit Shop. Amid a growing rise in subscription boxes and gift packages. Rachel Letham strives to be different with her carefully curated self care packages. The key difference is that Rachel is a Self Care Coach so these packages are brought together with intention and purpose and offer a support guide from Rachel to help you boost your self care routine. These consciously curated self care packages take the work out of curating your own from the fine range of products Rachel has brought to her online shop.


Motivational writer, coach and speaker Rachel believes that self care isn’t something you do once and tick off the list and her ebook Self Care for the Seasons gives you thought-provoking and actionable ways to bring self care into everyday life. The key to self care success is consistency and repetition of many beneficial tiny habits, which together soothe you and make sure you are working to your optimum—emotionally, physically and mentally.

The range of self care packages brings together a wonderful array of products from women-owned businesses, based in the UK, Canada and the USA. Rachel is keen to support fellow female business owners as they grow their own unique self care ranges. As a Self Care coach Rachel researches and cultivates a growing range of pieces to help those new to self care and those who already have various tools in their own kits, to develop a range of support systems to boost their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

“The Self Care Survival Kit shop is here to help you restart, refocus, re-energise and rejuvenate; in body mind and soul. Sharing everything you might need to build your own self care survival kit from journals and planners to eye masks, candles and bath scrubs. I wanted people to be able to add tools to their self care kit that they resonate with to help them live their best life. I believe self care is a necessity – not an indulgence.” – Rachel Letham.

These new packages start from £24 for the ‘Planners Pack’; the ultimate resource for the planners amongst us featuring a spiral-bound weekly planner, deck of affirmation cards and a beautiful gold pen for noting down all your plans. ‘Spa at Home’ is a luxury package at £70 with which you can truly create a spa in the sanctuary of your own home. Featuring a lavender-scented candle and body scrub, relaxing bath bomb and bath salts, a beautiful balance tea to drink in a white and gold speckled mug, whilst wrapping your hair in a smoothing towel twist with a spritz of intuition mood spray to truly relax and unwind.

‘Calm Escape’, ‘Relax and Sleep Well’ and ‘Mindful Moments’ are further packages at a variety of price points suitable for those needing a little escape from day to day life, some extra assistance with getting a good nights sleep and tools for bringing more mindful moments into their lives. Each package contains instructions from Self Care Coach Rachel Letham as to how to enjoy the products and get the best from the moments of self care that they offer.


“Right now we are needing to improve our wellbeing and meet our essential needs more than ever. The world we live in is challenging and we need to make sure that we take time to nourish our body, mind and soul to survive this journey” Rachel Letham.

The Self Care Survival Kit is an online shop with global delivery, regularly updated with key pieces that Rachel has carefully selected herself to be added to the range of tools available for people to curate their own self care kits.

Self Care for the Seasons ebook and workbook are available via Rachel’s website, for £8.99 and is on worldwide sale.

Spa Home Self Care Package

Rachel Letham is a successful mindset and self care coach based in Kent and Sussex with a global client base. She works with her clients to share the tools they need to lead more fulfilling lives whilst achieving goals and maintaining their version of work/life balance.  Rachel is listed as a Self Care Champion for the Self Care Forum and is taking part in Self Care Week this November. Previously a high flyer in the corporate world, sitting on multiple boards and being named in Management Today’s top 35 women under 35 in business in the UK. 


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