Dermaclara, a skincare brand focused on creating pregnancy and anti-aging products for women, launches Large Silicon Body Patch that regulates collagen production for smoother-looking skin during and after pregnancy. These patches have adopted a new, oversized design specifically created to cover more surface areas around the tummy, sides, buttocks, and thighs to protect larger areas from unwanted stretch marks.

Stretch marks haunt almost all pregnant women, especially those expecting their first child. The horror stories around the potential changes in the body during the pregnancy keep them scared and curious at the same time. New Enhanced Silicone Fusion™ Body Patches have been engineered to treat the appearance of stretch marks and scars formed during or after pregnancy. These body patches are dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic. They create a closed, breathable microclimate when placed on the skin to allow oxygen to pass through.


These patches work on the skin texture to improve moisture levels by locking in moisture while allowing the skin to breathe, enhancing the skin appearance, and reducing visible signs of pregnancy. They help the skin heal itself, repairing fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, and more with each application. The best part of using these patches is that they are reusable and can be used up to 15 to 30 times, which is an excellent count, considering their price and availability.

To further enhance the experience of the customers, the company has:

  • Made its New Enhanced Silicone Fusion™ Body Patches available for order on its official website.
  • Announced a flat discount of 10% on subscription purchases of Dermaclara Silicone Fusion™ Body Patches.
  • Offered FREE shipping and returns across the USA.
  • Ensured customer satisfaction with a money-back guarantee.

A team member said, “Our patches draw moisture from lower skin layers to the outside layers, encouraging, activating, and normalizing collagen production while setting up a breathable microclimate for the skin. This unique environment helps the skin heal itself, repairing fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, and more with each application. After only one application, the skin shows a marked increase in hydration and photodamage repair and a reduction in roughness and wrinkle depth.”

Dermaclara patches produce hydrating effects to nourish the skin. In addition, they help keep the skin flat while wearing, which keeps new lines from forming.

Dermaclara is a USA-based skincare brand that manufactures and sells products engineered to reduce and prevent stretch marks, fine lines, wrinkles, and other skin issues arising from pregnancy or aging. All its products are made in the USA, clinically tested, and dermatologist approved. 


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