Foreverbrow serum has received nothing but positive reviews from users across the United States. So far, this new product has gotten an average of 4.6 star rating on trust pilot website alone. This brow growth serum is praised for its rapid action in growing your eye brows and returning it to it former thick and fuller form.

As the years go by, a lot of trends get phased off, this is common is the fashion and beauty sector. And if you don’t conform to this beauty trend you might not be taken seriously by people around you. You might appear as carefree.

Back in the 2000s, many women once preferred to over-pluck their brows because it was considered an ideal depiction of facial elegance among women. However, now in 2023, the thicker and natural brows are more sought after. Now the big problem here is that after years of constantly plucking your brows you may notice that it gets difficult to regrow maintaining an oddly thin curvature. This problem has made many ladies unable to emulate the modern beauty trends.

The most frustrating thing is that we sink huge amounts on products that don’t even work at all. No matter how many pencils, brow powders, gels and creams we may try, getting the naturally full eyebrows may be a futile mission. You may also see yourself spending hundreds of dollars on products that may leave you wanting.

The sad reality is that many mediocre companies exploit this desperation by coming up with false products with the promise of restoring your full eyebrows only for them not to even work at all. There are many rip-offs being sold on the internet right now. That is why it is always advised to read up on these products before you think of buying.

I always had the faintest of eye brows, In fact looking at me from a far, one would think that I completely shaved them off. It became quite a problem for me as I always wanted be on the current trend. In a quest to chase my youthful fuller brows I patronized many products which didn’t work for me. I found myself running on an almost empty wallet with piles of discarded products that disappointed me.

Months later I bumped into this old schoolmate of mine, seeing her brows all full and natural filled me with envy. I couldn’t hold but ask her how she managed to still have her brows knowing fully well that she did pluck them like I did back in the days. She smiled and told me about the Foreverbrow growth serum by Forever Ideal which she had been using for months.

I initially had my doubts about this product however after many background checks about this product I decided to give it a shot. And the rest became history. If you wish to know more about foreverbrow eyebrow serum. Please keep reading this article.

If you wish to know if foreverbrow serum is the right option for you faint eyebrows. It is important you read this article carefully.


Eyebrow Growth Serum

Forever brow eyebrow serum is an eyebrow growth serum with liquid consistency and easy applicator, just like a tinted brow gel or wax. It comes in a large 8ml tube basically considered the largest in the market guaranteed to serve you for a significant period of at least, 3 months

Forever brow eyebrow serum is a vitamin enriched eyebrow growth serum that helps you recover your youthful natural and thicker eyebrows. This eyebrow growth serum is made from 100% natural ingredients. It may be little but it certainly packs a punch when it comes to ingredient list. All organic and clinically proven to improve eyebrow fullness, the use of these natural ingredients makes it impossible for you to get an adverse reaction while using this product.

The forever brow serum takes away the need to constantly spend money on eye brow pencils which can only give you that temporal look. This eyebrow growth serum is considered to be the answer to the prayers of many women with over-plucked eyebrows including me.

In just 5 weeks of using the forever brow serum my eyebrows have been restored to their useful thickness. Using this eyebrow serum requires patience and consistence before you can see the positive results you have desired. If you are looking for instant eyebrow regrowth, the forever brow serum will not give you that. But if you use it consistently and correctly, in a matter of weeks you will see results.


Eyebrow Growth Serum

The secret to this brow growth serum lie in its ingredients. Forever brow growth serum was made from 100% natural and cruelty free ingredients. These ingredients work hand in hand to stimulate the revitalization of the follicles of the eyebrows.

The forever brow serum includes efficient clean ingredients such as Castor oil, Provitamin B, Biotin, Vitamin E and Apple stem cell. These organic nutrients are clinically tested and proven to revitalize your brows. These bend of ingredient is applied directly on the brow using the applicator. It takes only a few weeks before you start seeing results, so you have to be a bit patient and consistent while using it.


Now let’s know more about the ingredients if the foreverbrow growth serum.

• Castor Oil: castor oil is a vegetable oil extracted from castor beans. This oil is hailed for its hair potency in strengthening strands and promoting hair growth. While this oil itself can’t make hair grow, it creates a healthier environment on the skin of the brow that makes way for better hair growth. It does this by targeting and strengthening the follicle.

• Provitamin B: also known as panthenol, binds the hair follicles of the eyebrow, coats and entraps moisture which is great for brow loss due to dry skin. This ingredients plays the important role of strengthening your existing brows to prevent further loss.

• Biotin: biotin is one of the B vitamins. It has been widely proven that biotin helps hair grow stronger, quicker and thicker. The benefit of biotin for hair growth is that it causes stronger and healthier hair follicles to grow in. this makes this ingredient the most important in the foreverbrow serum as it accounts for thicker eyebrows that are less likely to break.

• Vitamin E: this ingredient is introduced to this serum to promote a healthy brow cycle and hair regeneration.

• Apple stem cell: apple stem cells work to facilitate hair growth by stimulating the dormant follicles on the skin.

These ingredients all work hand-in-hand to nourish and moisturize the hair and also support healthy hair growth.


Eyebrow Growth Serum

Applying this eyebrow growth serum is the easiest thing, you can do it effortlessly without needing any help at all. You only need the small brush provided. Follow the steps below to get started.

1. First, make sure to remove all make up and eye makeup and wash your face thoroughly with warm water.

2. Using the small brush, swipe a small amount of foreverbrow serum through each eyebrow and gently massage it right to the root.

3. Make sure that you are consistent with your brow serum application and for the best results ensure that your brows are coated with forever brow growth serum every night.

For the best results be consistent and patient while making use of this product for 60 days and enjoy your fully revived bushy brows!


If you have gotten to this point of the review, a big thumbs up to you, it shows you are really keen on revitalizing your once-thick eyebrows. Thankfully your search ends here. If you wish to purchase the foreverbrow growth serum, the only way you can get it is through their online check out page or Amazon website.

Now while this idea might not be pleasing to you, it is the best way to get this product. Ordering from the company’s official page guarantees that you don’t get ripped off by imitations of this product which you may see at retail shops.

Furthermore, making your purchase from the official page qualifies you to enjoy massive discounts of up to 65% off. So if you wish to have this product now might be the best time to get it while the promo is still on.

It doesn’t just end there, they also offer free shipping to orders made in the USA. Delivery is also swift, you get your foreverbrow bottle at your doorstep just 3 business days after you place your order.


A bottle of the forever brow growth serum goes for just $39.95
The best part is that you get to enjoy more discounts if you wish to make use of the multiple purchase offers.
3 bottles of the eyebrow growth serum goes for $79.95
5 bottles of forever brow costs just $119.95


Forever ideal, the company behind the forever brow growth serum are so confident in this product’s efficiency that they are will to offer a 100% money back guarantee to customers that didn’t see the desired result after 60 days of using the product. I personally started seeing my results in 5 weeks.

If you purchase this product and you don’t see significant improvement in growth and health of your brows after 60 days of using the serum, please return the product to them and they will reimburse you all your money. You have absolutely nothing to lose.


• INCREASED EYEBROW GROWTH: this is the most important benefit this serum offers you. You might have been tired of trying many products to no avail. Forever brow serum delivers a major boost to your overall brow health and strength, putting you right back on track on the beauty trend.

• STRONGER HAIR FOLLICLES: a strengthened hair follicle means zero hair loss, this is the value forever brow brings to the table. This smooth serum awakens damaged hair follicles and starts rebuilding them organically in a short space of time.

• HYDRATES YOUR LASHES AND BROWS: foreverbrow growth serum keeps your eyebrows hydrated thanks to the castor seed oil and biotin, which provide important hydration to the dry brow area and trigger hair regrowth process. This also makes this serum ideal for the treatment of eyebrow dandruff.

• LARGEST TUBE ON THE MARKET: forever brow has a tube size of 8 ml, the largest in the market when compared to similar products that only has 6 ml at most. The 8 ml forever brow product will last you for up to 3 months, the height content to dollar ration you can get!

• FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: this product is suitable for all skin types and for the fact that it’s made of 100% natural and organic ingredients, it has no adverse effect on the skin, even the most delicate of skin types can use this product without worry of chemical irritation.

• LONG LASTING RESULT: I have used forever brow for more than 6 months now and I can tell you that the result is permanent!! You don’t have to worry about your brows thinning or breaking off ever again. With regular application you can restore your brows to its original, thick and bold appearance.


 Forever Brow Eyebrow Growth Serum

Don’t just take my words for it. Below are customers’ reviews about the forever brow growth serum from the trust pilot website.

“I was looking for a new look, and Forever Brow was just the product I needed to boost my eyebrows. It provided the natural look I was looking for. It is incredible how consistent this product has turned out to be!” -Martha

“I’ve never had any big problems with my eyebrows, but I wanted to experiment and try out a bolder look. And it worked! I love that this product has lots of nutrients, I think of it as nurturing my natural brows and letting them grow as much as they want.” -Holly

“got it in the mail 4 days ago and even after the first night putting it on my brows I noticed a difference the next morning. Now after 4 days I notice the hair looks thicker. Can’t wait to see what happens in a few more weeks.” -Sandra H

“In my opinion, the ingredient list is more than complete. Castor Oil, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E? Count me in! I’m with you forever. Keep up the great work!” -Destiny M.



• 100% plant based formula
• Suitable for all skin types
• Promotes health brow growth.
• 60 days money back guarantee
• No recorded side effects


• Forever brow growth serum can only be purchased online
• The discount offer may only last for a short while so if you wish to purchase this product do so now while you can still get the discount




The Forever Brow Eyebrow Growth Serum is created for men and women of all ages who want to improve the look of thin, patchy eyebrows and stimulate natural eyebrow growth.


Simply rub a drop or two through each brow, gently massaging it right to the root to ensure it encourages new eyebrow growth and strengthens the already existing hair follicles. If you still like to tint your eyebrows during the day, it is best to do this at night as the oiliness will make it difficult for makeup to set.


With daily application of the Forever Brow Eyebrow Growth Serum, your hair follicles will start repairing within the first 2 to 3 weeks. That process will allow for new growth while at the same time strengthening the existing brow and lash hair you have. Use consistently and you should expect to note a difference in as little as 4 to 8 weeks!


Our products have been rigorously tested by a third party and tried by hundreds of customers. There are absolutely NO artificial ingredients, including paraben, fragrances or any other fillers.


A tube of Forever Brow Eyebrow Growth Serum lasts for approximately 3 months.


Forever brow growth serum is the game changer in the beauty industry. Ever since I switched to this product I found myself saving quite substantial amounts for more important projects. Personally, I will give forever brow serum a solid 10 over 10 rating.

I love how it was made accessible to every lady out there thanks to the affordable price. You only have to spend once to revive your lost eye brows. It significantly better than having to buy pencils every time to draw your brows. That is just too stressful for me.

Without a doubt, foreverbrow is considered to be the best eyebrow growth serum in the market and after using it myself i couldn’t agree more!!

I guarantee you that you won’t regret making use of this product. The company is also offering you a 60 days money back guarantee so if you don’t see your desired results in 60 days, they refund every penny of your money back to you, so you have absolutely nothing lose.

So discard those brow pencils and mediocre products because with forever brow you won’t be needing them again!!! Hope on the discount offer and get one for yourself you’ll be glad you did.


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