Intimate Bodycare Brand Woowoo Expands Boots Store Listing To Include Core Hair Removal Range

British intimate bodycare brand WooWoo has announced today an expansion of its UK retail footprint in Boots and Amazon UK with an online and store listing for its multi-award winning Tame it! Hair Removal Cream.

Following the successful launch of their 40+ Manifesto range across Boots retail stores and last October, the brand has secured listings for their hair removal portfolio across 885 Boots stores including core, concept and store of the future stores and a number of the retailers’ UK airport sites.

Launched in April 2020, WooWoo’s Tame it! Hair removal cream is specially formulated to be super effective at hair removal, but kind to sensitive undercarriage, bum and bikini line skin. Made with soothing Aloe Vera and softening Jojoba Oil, Tame it! provides an easy to use, pain-free alternative to waxing that gives silky smooth results from the privacy of your own bathroom.

If it was up to WooWoo, female body hang ups, shaming and misinformation would be old news. In the mean-time WooWoo are getting intimate with anatomy and answering the questions that keep you up at night, helping women change their perceptions of themselves. WooWoo do accessible body care for all types of skin. WooWoo believe that taking your clothes off shouldn’t make you feel embarrassed, uncomfortable or ashamed, so WooWoo developed a range of products that are as natural as we can get them, whilst still working to produce great results.


The multi-award winning Tame It! hair removal cream to our pH-balanced washes, nourishing balms, products exist to provide natural solutions for natural problems, be it stubborn in-growns, dryness or discomfort. Containing dermatologist approved natural ingredients such as soothing Aloe Vera, nourishing Rosehip oil and Artichoke Leaf Peptides, their quality moisturisers and gentle cleansers liberate skin from discomfort and irritation. You deserve to look and feel your best undressed, and WooWoo products provide a natural, affordable and healthy means to do so.

WooWoo, which was launched in 2016 by UK entrepreneur, Lucy Anderson has worked hard to break down barriers and create products that serve women better. Beyond just products the brand has also created a community to support women and conversations around topics relevant to them including sexual health.

WooWoo is one of several independently founded global brands in the women’s intimate care category that have led the charge in creating demand from consumers for greater choice in the category.

The sector which covers everything from intimate washes, wipes, hair removal and period products – is globally valued to be around $27.73 billion and accounts for around 17% share in the global skincare market. With organic and natural feminine hygiene products, including intimate washes, and DIY hair removal products including depilatory creams and wax strips becoming increasingly popular – the market is projected to grow by an additional 4.1% to $38.43 billion by 2030.

Lucy Anderson, Founder and CEO commented on the launch: “I launched WooWoo to create a plant-based range of problem-solving care down there solutions that nourish, balance and moisturise the body parts that you don’t see on billboards.

“Fast forward six years WooWoo is now an internationally renowned brand stocked by leading retailers in the UK, US, Australia and Scandinavia. I’m extremely proud of how much we’ve achieved in such a short space of time.”

WooWoo – your one-stop-shop to help you feel your best undressed. They are single-handedly saving the UK from wax burn, out of whack pH balance, shaving rash, skin discolouration and dry, scaly skin. WooWoo’s Tame it Hair Removal Cream is available online at Amazon UK and and in store from early March.


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