Equipment like metal braces and clear, plastic Invisalign are widely used in teeth straightening treatments. This range of equipment proves very effective to move the teeth to ideal positions and improve their appearance along with enhancing their functionality. An experienced orthodontist in London further adds Invisalign makes use of a set of clear plastic trays, customised for your mouth, to correct your teeth position. While on the other hand traditional braces make use of metal wires to facilitate movement and positioning of the teeth.

Compared to conventional metallic braces treatment, Invisalign is cheaper in London. This draws a lot of patient to it. Both conventional metal braces and Invisalign braces do not only straighten the teeth but also do more than that. Most importantly they contribute to fixing bite problems.

Benefits Invisalign offers

Invisalign fixes mild to moderate teeth misalignment problems. The treatment uses a set of clear, transparent, plastic-made trays that are generated by computers using 3D graphics software. Each tray in a set is ideally worn at least 22 hours a day. You switch over to the next tray in the set every two weeks.

Invisalign teeth-straightening procedure works very fast. The majority of these cases last 6 months to a year. However, you have to wear some kind of retainer to prevent the teeth from sinking back to their initial positions once the last tray in the set is taken out.

Modern Teeth Straightening Metal Braces versus Plastic Aligners

Invisalign – as the name sounds like – practically remains invisible inside the mouth. Thus, it causes less embarrassment for adults compared to traditional metallic braces. Moreover, neither the plastic trays affect your speech, says an orthodontic expert associated with the London Braces. This private dental clinic in London has excellent success rate in handling wide range of teeth straightening cases including Invisalign. The practice is located at Great Russell Street in Holborn.

However, on the flip side Invisalign is not suitable to tackle severe cases of teeth misalignment. Thus, a large number of people switch to conventional braces treatment to achieve their goals.

Benefits dental braces offer

Teeth straightening approach using traditional metal braces is strikingly different from that of Invisalign. The braces are not aesthetically attractive and stuck out from the mouth prominently. But they have high functional efficiency to deliver expected results. Metallic braces are effective closing gaps between adjacent teeth as well as fixing crooked teeth.

Handling acute teeth misalignment cases with metal braces

There are more than enough factors in choosing metal braces over discreet Invisalign. Braces are fixed to the face of the teeth. Neither metal braces, nor their connecting wires are removable. This proves to be a major advantage that fixed braces treatment offers.

Metal Braces

Invisalign is more ideal for aesthetic reasons and suitable for mild misalignment of the teeth. This cutting-edge treatment is not suited for complex cases. By the way, if you are interested in teeth straightening with plastic aligners, you should note that London Braces offers some of the most attractive Invisalign deals. Please feel free to contact us to book your appointment.

At London Braces, we have a team of premium orthodontists who provide quality treatments starting from routine dental checkup to advanced orthodontics for your teeth straightening with braces. We take care of your oral health and hygiene with the latest technologies and equipments to deliver standard facilities during the treatment. Being a reputed orthodontic clinic located in London, we use advanced technologies that consist of 3D computer imaging through low-radiation X-rays and soft-tissue lasers added with minimal pain for your comfort and convenience. You may book your appointment with our experts by accommodating your busy schedule with our extended opening hours facility.


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