Hey Guys! You may know us from our Instagram Page: @theselvafamily. My name is Ariana and I am the mother of four amazing children: Sarah (7), Indrani (4), Rigdon (2), & Celeste (0), and the wife of an incredible man named Niranjan (But his nickname is Jett).

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CRISAN is my secret to gorgeous hair & skin❤️ What is in each bottle? 1. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil  2. Organic Virgin Coconut Testa Oil 3. Organic Olive Oil 4. Organic Avocado Oil 5. Organic Argan Oil 6. Organic Jojoba Oil 7. Organic Bitter Almond Oil 8. Organic Grapeseed Oil 9. Organic Sweet Almond Oil 10. Organic Hemp Seed Oil 11. Organic Castor Oil  12. Organic Shea oil 13. Organic Nigella Sativa Oil  14. Organic Neem Oil 15. Organic Moringa Oil 16. Organic Orange Oil 17. Organic Peppermint Oil 18. Organic Tea Tree Oil 19. Organic Sesame Oil 20. Organic Hibiscus Oil 21. Organic Lavender Oil 22. Organic Fenugreek Oil 23. Organic Coriander Oil 24. Organic Oat Oil 25. Karanja Oil 26. Flax Seed Oil 27. Cucumber Oil 28. Hazelnut Oil 29. Rice bran Oil 30. Rosehip Oil 31. Plum Oil 32. Poppy Oil 33. Raspberry Oil 34. Camphor Oil 35. Rosemary Oil 36. Beech Oil 37. Pequi Oil 38. Babassu Oil 39. Chicory Oil 40. Sacha Inchi Oil 41. Black Currant Oil 42. Lemongrass Oil 43. Cedarwood Oil 44. Baobab Oil 45. Siberian Pine Nut Oil 46. Macademia Oil 47. Thyme Oil 48. Clary Sage Oil 49. Ylang Ylang Oil 50. Horsetail Plant Extract Oil 51. Ungurahui Oil 52. Tsubaki Oil 53. Tomato Oil 54. Maracuja Oil 55. Kalahari Melon Seed Oil It strengthens hair, nourishes your scalp, and smells so nice. Oh yeah, and if you’re like me and you add CRISAN to your twice weekly hair care routine….you are going to be getting some pretty vivacious locks 😊 I’ve been growing my hair for more than three years now and I am loving it so much! Who needs extensions when you can get your own Rapunzel hair? Head over to www.crisanbeauty.com for more details😘 #haircare #natural #naturalhairstyles #naturalhair #naturalremedy #ayurveda #holisticliving #vegan #organic #realsimple #realmomsofinstagram #longhair #hair #haircut #hairhacks #hairstyles #goals #hairgoals #silkyhair #softhair #beauty #beautyinfluencer #holistichealth #holistic #holisticnutrition #holisticnutrition #keto #ketolifestyle #paleo #allmodernmakeup #selfcare

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Jett and I have been married for almost nine years and we love this amazing world and the people in it! We also love to take care of our hair & skin, and we follow a very healthy lifestyle. Our family is excited to have you here and we look forward to providing you with tips & tricks that will benefit you and your loved ones!

You are probably here because you noticed that our family has hair that is very different than what you may be used to seeing. Our hair is thick and quite long – but it hasn’t always been that way.

Four and a half years ago, soon after the birth of our second daughter Indrani, I experienced what most women experience three months after giving birth – Extreme Postpartum Hair Loss!

Losing hair is a very difficult experience to go through, especially as a young mother. My hair was thinning so badly that I was beginning to have bald patches showing through on my scalp towards the crown of my head and around my hair line. During that time, my husband and I also made a major lifestyle change when we said goodbye to our home in Orem, Utah and moved to Sri Lanka for two years to build a coconut factory. It was that move, that changed my hair care routine forever.

I have had so many compliments on my hair and skin and it is all because of the Ayurvedic lessons that I learned in Sri Lanka from my dear mother in law.

When Jett and I moved to Sri Lanka to build a factory, his amazing parents stayed with us every step of the way and beyond to help us accomplish our goals. Jett and his father worked side by side to establish a wonderful business while my mother in law taught me how to undo the damage that my hair had been through at home. The recipes that she taught me were beyond good. I started noticing results right away from following them.

My hair used to be lifeless and much shorter than it is now. It would never grow beyond a certain point. But when I followed her recipes, my hair was able to grow past it’s breaking point and retain its thickness for many years.


That is why I decided to create CRISAN. It is a comprehensive blend of key natural oils known for stimulating hair growth and repairing hair damage. CRISAN is a gentle hair oil that can be used on the whole family. CRISAN is made with only the highest quality ingredients and incorporates a blend of 55 pure and organic oils of the utmost quality and purity that are specifically designed to enhance the integrity of your hair. Whether you are trying to grow your hair long, strengthen new growth, reduce hair thinning, or maintain the gorgeous hair you have, CRISAN will be your most trusted companion in your hair growth journey.

CRISAN Oil is available on Body4real website and Amazon UK website with global shipping.


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