On the latest leg of Hampton and Astley tour of the most beautiful homes in the UK, in Belsize Park in London, they were found admiring one of the prettiest interiors you’re likely to see in a long time.

The tour guide for today is Jessy, better known on Instagram as @jessysdreamhouse, who will be showing us around her fairy tale home. Unashamedly pink from top to toe, it’s every little girl’s dream… and some grown up ones’ too.


“My kitchen is a full on Barbie dream house,” says Jessy. “Everything from the spoons to the fridge is pink. And I love it!”


“I’ve tried to make the most out of this space so having an extendable table is perfect. I’m also adding a bar area in the corner and have started by adding shelves.”


“This corner of the living room is so snug and cosy! I’ve brightened it up with white and silver accents and used Sam Marco paint for a glamorous effect.”


“The entrance hall is all white with pink accents and makes for a very bright, welcoming area when you walk in or out the house. The Ikea shoe storage is also perfect for keeping shoes out of sight in a stylish way.”


“This is my favourite space in the house. I used Ikea Pax units to fit perfectly onto the back wall and added a leaner mirror to reflect the brightness from the window around the room.”


“My bedroom is my sanctuary and I love the soft pinks and silver tones used throughout. My Hampton and Astley pink bedding complements my bed beautifully and is by far the softest, best quality bedding I have tried.”

Thanks so much to Jessy @jessysdreamhouse for showing the World around her lovely home.


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