Stress, hormonal changes such as during periods or at menopause, diet and what we put on our skin can trigger break-outs of pimples, red spots and yellow pus-filled spots which can be distressing and frustrating to those who suffer.

Historically, colloidal silica has been shown to improve the appearance of problem skin. In a study conducted by cosmetic research specialists, Dermatest, after 4-weeks of treatment ninety-five percent of the trialists rated Silicolskin as ‘good’ or ‘very good’. Ninety-five percent of trialists also felt they had less oil on their skin after treatment, and 90% would recommend Silicolskin to a friend. Measurements showed an 81% reduction in skin sebum and more than a 30% decrease in bacteria levels on the skin.

Make-up artist to film and television celebrities, models and musicians, Aimee Adams has benefited herself from using Silicolskin. Now aged 53, as well as treating her own skin problems, she is used to working with clients with problem skin, covering up their blemishes for screen and red carpet appearances. She says: “I had immaculate skin as a teenager and so it was a shock to my system when in my mid-20s, I started getting the occasional spot or bad skin blemish. My skin became excessively oily with enlarged blocked pores and being unable to resist picking some spots, my skin became scarred.

“You imagine you’ll grow out of the spotty phase, but as I grew older, my skin has become worse rather than better, and now that I am menopausal my skin can be a real challenge,” Aimee explains, “If I wasn’t a make-up artist, there were times when I wouldn’t have felt able to leave the house. I’d often get up at 3 or 4am to disguise how bad my skin was before I went to work.

“If I were told I could only keep one product, I’d keep Silicolskin. It’s the most effective spot treatment I’ve ever tried, keeping my oily skin under control.”

How does silicolskin work?

Containing natural silica in a colloidal gel, silicolskin has a unique mode of action naturally adsorbing and binding with irritants, impurities and bacteria which may be the cause of problem skin. The gel calms the epidermis, whilst the silica molecules act like a magnet attracting and binding with impurities on the skin, which are removed from the skin’s surface when washed off.


How to use silicolskin 10-minute gel The advanced formulation is alcohol, perfume and paraben free. Simply apply the gel to the affected areas for 10 minutes. Rinse off with clean water and pat skin dry. Silicolskin should be used for a maximum of five applications per week on the affected area.

Users of silicolskin typically report improved skin appearance (within a few days of use) as well as a smoother feel to their skin.

Where to buy?

Silicolskin RRP: £9.79 (50ml) from their website, Amazon and Superdrug online and stores.

“Stay positive, don’t pick and to try silicolskin – it’s a total game changer for spotty skin,” says Aimee Adams, professional make-up artist to film and tv presenters, musicians and models.


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