There is a lot of talk about coloured contact lenses nowadays, with these fashion devices becoming more and more popular among the fashion freaks now. These coloured lenses are truly special as no makeup trick and hairstyling can beat the effect that coloured contact lenses have on your beauty and appearance. They are interesting as the coloured tint on them blend in perfectly with our eye colour and produce a very wonderful appearance for all to see.

You can either enhance your eye colour subtly or go ahead and be bold by changing it to another colour entirely. Yeah, that’s right, coloured contacts can do that for you. More than that you have the special coloured contact lenses Halloween that can make your Halloween more special than ever.

Remember, there are more other types of coloured contact lenses. Depending on your preference and what you are comfortable with, you will choose a certain type that will be most convenient for you. Of the types the two most prominent are the rigid gas permeable coloured lenses and their counter-part the soft coloured contact lenses.

Let us get to know them better

Rigid Gas Permeable Coloured Contact Lenses

Rigid gas permeable coloured contact lenses or in simpler terms the hard coloured lenses. These coloured lenses are usually made with plastic but the material is rather rigid and hard. But they are made to provide more oxygen access to the eyes with more water content so that you can wear them with complete comfort.

They are made rigid and hard to provide more durability and endurance.These coloured lenses are designed to be usable for longer period and they do not get damaged very easily.

You would see that people who wear weekly disposable or monthly disposable, the coloured lenses are most of the time hard contact lenses as they do not require extreme delicate use.

Hard or rigid gas permeable coloured contact lenses are also available in the extended contact lenses category. That means they are more perfectly suited for people who are wearing coloured lenses for vision correction and prescription purposes.

Soft Contact Lenses

The counter-part of hard contact lenses are called the soft contact lenses. These lenses are made with soft and flexible material called the silicone hydrogel. They have almost 6 times more water content than the other type. Because of their soft material and more water content they are extremely convenient and comfortable on the eyes.

What You Should Know Before Buying Coloured Lenses To Ensure Eye Health

These coloured contact lenses are more suited for daily disposable coloured lenses and provide a great option for fashion and lifestyle enhancement. As they are soft and delicate they prove to be a great option to be used as daily disposable lenses. The daily disposable lenses are also called one day contact lenses as you can wear them only once and after that you have to throw them away. With that you do not need to care for them or be extra careful when using them.

While these soft contact lenses are convenient for use and comfortable on the eye, their soft structure makes them very delicate and hard to carry. If you are not careful enough when using them you may end up damaging the lens or tearing them up entirely.

But their delicate and soft nature does not mean that they are only good for daily disposable but they can be used for weekly and even extended contact lenses. It is just that you would need to care for them extremely well and handle them with rather delicate hands. If you can do that, then you will be using them with a whole lot of comfort.

What Are More Types Of Coloured Contact Lenses

You must have guessed about the daily, weekly and monthly disposable coloured lenses. The coloured lenses are medical devices and thus they have an expiry on them after which you cannot use them. But other than that there are two other types available.

Opaque tints – Remember when I said you can be bold and change your eye colour? That is possible with these tints. Coloured lenses have different coloured tints on them. The first one is the opaque tint that can cover the eye completely and change the eye colour.

Enhancement tints – The enhancement tints do that subtle thing I talked about earlier. These tints are translucent and they blend in with our eye colour and enhance the edges of our iris.

After that there is a small matter of you learning about how you must use your coloured contact lenses safely as they are after all, medical devices.

• Wash your hands before using them
• Never share you coloured eye contacts with anyone. It is dangerous for your eye health.
• Do not sleep while wearing you coloured contact lenses. Unless they are extended contact lenses.

Make sure you are very careful in every way when you are using coloured contact lenses.


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