I sleep less. Sleep seems like a waste of time to me. But this is not true at all. The reason? Many!

If you do not sleep properly you may suffer from various diseases. Having a good sleep again during the winter season can help you concentrate on your work and increase your productivity. Similarly, those who sleep less often are more likely to have a heart stroke. Low sleep is likely to lead to type 2 diabetes and your body’s glucose metabolism is reduced.

Also, there are many other reasons why we should get a good sleep. But whenever you go to sleep, a thousand thoughts will come and turn around, many thoughts will come to your head

Many – small organizations, businesses, enterprises, lovers, parents, children, spouses, etc.

Top 7 Tips For Better Sleep In Winter Season.

If these seven tips are followed properly, no one will be able to prevent their sleep from succeeding.


● 1. For the winter season, lie down with one hand under your head, leaning right on the flatbed. Try to lie down on a comfortable bed while you sleep. Comfortable cushion beds can invite you to sleep.
● 2. For coarse sleeping, use coating or blankets during the winter season. It will provide some physical comfort to your body and keep your brain refreshed.
● 3. When you are in bed, stop using your mobile. This mobile will not let you sleep. The unknown will waste your time.
● 4. Do not change the locations of your bed sites for sleep during the winter season. This will make your sleep barrier major. Don’t change your straight bed address, regardless of location.
● 5. Do not fall asleep for sleep during the winter season. Because if you have a cold bed, you will have trouble sleeping. Silence for a while and wake up asleep. The physical activity created by it will keep your brain refreshed.
● 6.Don’t worry about the head if the thought comes to the head, avoid that position strictly because it instructs your brain to do two opposite tasks for sleep as well as study. Eventually, sleep will suffer.
● 7. During the winter season, sleep fast and get up early to sleep. It will not harm your health.

Yes, you read that right, if you can follow these seven. Nobody can stop you from sleeping. If you don’t believe, try it!

Top 7 Tips For Better Sleep In Winter Season in 2020

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● After waking up, do 1 thing. Namely:

1. Eliminate the feeling of sleep from the look by your hands.
2. Reading the Doa of Waking Up-

Meaning: ‘All praise is due to the Creator who gave us life after death (sleep) and to Him is the return.’

● 1. Miswalk.
● 2. Wash two hands three times.
● 3. Watering nose three times.

May the Creator bestow upon all to obey. Amin

Here are some useful ways you can sleep during the winter season …

One of the first signs that we are not getting enough sleep is poor immunity. For most people 7 to 8 hours of sleep is ideal, but it can be challenging for a variety of reasons.
During the winter season the most difficult task is to get up early in the morning from inside the blanket and to have a bath regularly especially when the sun is not seen in the whole day long. The children and old aged people face this difficulty most. In this time you will find a lot of people without having a bath a couple of days. But the most enjoyable part during winter is lying under the blanket, and it seems that it would be better if everything could be done from under the blanket. Another interesting part is to warm ourselves through the light of sun especially just after having a bath. In the modern European world which is known as sun bath.The foreigners oiling the whole body lei on the sea beach under the hot temperature of the sun.In our country people are seen gathering where there is sunlight in the morning. Tea stalls are also crowded more at this time. its also a great time for fashion careful boys and girls, as winter dresses are more gorgeous and stylish than other times. On the other hand, it is a curse for the poor and homeless people as they can not provide themselves warm clothes and shelters.


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