Microdermabrasion facial gained its peak popularity watching Kim Kardashian getting it done as an essential element of beauty and skincare. Thanks to the Kardashians although the circulating photos and videos on social channels showing blood-splitting selfies of Kim all taken in beauty’s name did scare out many people.

But in my opinion, if Kim didn’t like the needling, why did she continue it till the end? Makes sense right? Maybe just to get the after selfie for the headlines.

Even after the suing of Vampire Facial, it is still the most demanded treatment of all times. You will never see a facial with such long term results as Microdermabrasion.

For most of you looking for the answer of Does, It involves bloody and is this really the “Bloody facial”. So yeah, the answer is yes! But what’s the big deal in that? It’s your own blood after all. The procedure of this facial is what makes it so long-lasting and effective making you look 10 years younger for real. Unlike Hydrafacial which gives you the anti-aging happiness for only 2 weeks. So if you want real results. You gotta go for a real facial!

massage FACIAL

However, if you can’t tolerate pain then Hydrafacials in Lahore are for you.

The Procedure

This technique involves the use of micro-needling and Rich Plasma (PRP) platelets to use your own plasma. The PRP is applied to the nose, and the micro-needling tool induces small micro-injuries. This forces the skin to “return” and reconstruction. PRP is re-applied to promote healing, collage and simple and seamless recovery.

Applying the whole blood to the skin during micro-needling was common facial vampires, where the most regenerating component of the blood is now technologically advanced: the PRP. The PRP method extracts platelets from red blood cells after they are placed through the centrifuge while both methods are using on-site blood. And I finally understood that I didn’t fully fulfill my Kim K-inspired standards.Dr.Sadaf- a skin specialist in Lahore says “Microdermabrasion facial is totally worth it as the results 12x times longer than Hydrafacials”


The residual redness in the face of the vampire reduces dramatically within the first 24 hours, although the regeneration will take up to a week. Customers may feel dry, light skin squeeze and pressure during this period. If customers follow their skin specialist’s aftercare directions, restoration should be manageable.


Basically Microdermabrasion giver cosmetic surgery results through natural facial. It also removes acne scars that have special acne scars laser treatment in Lahore, but if you have mild acne then this facial will remove your acne scars.

If your PRP facial is your choice, brace the blood to be drained. You can also experience discomfort and mild swelling from micro-needling following diagnosis.

To produce the best results, he says that about two months later, you will have to take one or two therapies. Other maintenance procedures may also be necessary as time passes.


Works as an anti-aging magical treatment reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It also works for improving skin tone and skin texture overall making it bright and glowing. Treat acne scars and skin pores and makes the skin youthful.

Since this facial gives you everything that you get through cosmetic surgery, I believe this is the best choice. And about the blood, since you can’t have an infection or inflammation through your own blood it’s completely safe.


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