This November, Voice International is launching its 2020 Christmas collection. The collection is an exciting expansion of last year’s Winter Wonder collection, with key feature pieces returning, plus three brand new pieces that give a Christmassy take on our newly-launched autumn/ winter Origin collection.

Voice is an independent jewellery and clothing company that exists to empower women through creative employment. Each and every product is handmade in Uganda, by an artisan who has developed the skills to design and create beautiful products, from jewellery and hair accessories, to bags and kimonos.

Voice International

“The 2020 Christmas collection is an expansion of what we like to do each winter,”

says founder and designer Natasha Katumba.

 Voice International

“We like to bring out a curated selection of brass and sparkly earrings which can be paired with any going out outfit to make a statement.”

“We’ve realised how popular little studs and hoops have been and so designed some especially for Christmas, but Voice’s trademark recycled paper beads with gold dusting still feature in our Christmas focal product, the Golden Tassels. We are relaunching these paper bead tassels, which are our Christmas best seller, in a new Emerald Green colour alongside Maroon Red.

What’s great about the collection is that it can be paired with the autumn/winter collection: the line stands on its own, but is within the same colour palette and uses the same techniques as the autumn/ winter collection”

The Christmas collection is available online at and available to stockists now!


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