The freelance virtual assistant market will grow by $4 billion between 2021 and 2025.

The benefits of hiring a virtual assistant are clear. You save time and money while gaining benefits from added features such as telecommuting. However, finding the right virtual assistant isn’t as easy as you may think.

To make sure you choose the right person for the job, you should be aware of the most important qualities that all the best virtual assistants have in common.

Here’s a look at several key qualities that you should keep in mind as you consider potential candidates.

Virtual Assistants

1. The Best Virtual Assistants are Highly Reliable

A reliable virtual assistant is someone who businesses can count on to get the job done without any excuses. They are always on time, and they always follow through on their commitments. They are also great at communicating and keeping their clients updated on the status of their projects.

There are different types of assistants we can hire today. You should know how to choose a virtual assistant to achieve the efficiency you’re looking for. There are platforms online that connect businesses with virtual assistants and where you can also check them out.

2. Resourceful and Proactive

They know how to find information and take action. They are also good at multitasking and keeping track of details. Virtual assistants need to be able to think on their feet and be organized.

They are always on the lookout for new and better ways to do things, and they are always willing to put in the extra work to get the job done right. They are also excellent at problem-solving, and they are always willing to go the extra mile to help their clients succeed.

3. Work Well Under Pressure

They can keep calm and collected when things are moving at a fast pace, and can think clearly and make quick decisions. These qualities are essential to provide a high quality of service to clients. Virtual assistants who can work well under pressure are usually more efficient and produce better results.

4. Detail Oriented

This means that they can pay attention to the small details in a project and make sure that everything is accounted for. This can be a difficult task when there are a lot of moving parts, but it is crucial in ensuring that a project is completed correctly and on time. The best virtual assistants are also able to take direction well and follow instructions to the letter.

This attention to detail ensures that clients are always happy with the final product.

5. Tech Savvy

To be a successful virtual assistant, you don’t need to be a tech expert, but you do need to be comfortable with technology and have a basic understanding of how to use common business tools. At a minimum, you should be able to use productivity suites like Microsoft Office and Google Docs, as well as video conferencing tools like Zoom and Skype. If you’re not familiar with these tools, there are plenty of online resources to help you get up to speed.

VA’s are Professionals That Contribute to Business Growth

The best virtual assistants are organized, efficient, and have great communication skills. They are also good at multitasking and have strong attention to detail. If you are looking for a virtual assistant, be sure to ask about these key qualities.

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