If you sell a product, you’re probably passionate about your business and the things you have to offer consumers. One study found that approximately 72% of Americans are influenced by product packaging when deciding to buy an item.

Knowing how to package a product in a way that entices buyers is a vital key to your success.

Read on for a list of five product packaging tips for companies so you can stay ahead of the game.

1. Use Color to Lure Customers

In today’s marketplace, plain brown cardboard just won’t cut it. Consider adding lots of vibrant color to your product packaging so that it interests potential customers.

You can use the same colors as your logo or try a color palette that goes with your brand’s mission. Whatever you choose, never assume that plain and bland is the right option for your packaging.

2. Add a Little Something Extra

When manufacturing a product, consider adding a little extra something to the packaging. A cute thank-you note or a discount code for a future purchase can go a long way toward luring customers back.

Brainstorm a few ways you can incorporate a small, extra goodie into your products. You can even include a small free sample if you have the budget and if you’re so inclined.


3. Choose Eco-Friendly Product Packaging

Today’s consumers are more environmentally conscious than ever, so using eco-friendly materials will go a long way. Try recyclable materials or materials that can be used as compost.

You can also use more eco-friendly equipment like a single cell case packer. This unit has a smaller footprint and can do three jobs all in one single piece of equipment.

4. Be Bold with Wording

You’re proud of the products you sell, so why not tell the world with your packaging? Use large letters and fun phrases to grab consumers’ attention.

The more unique your colors and wording are, the more the items will attract buyers. Let them know what you’re selling along with what your business stands for.

5. Make it Easy to Open

If a customer struggles to open packaging, they might not come back for more. Make sure that your product packaging is easy to open and user-friendly.

It might take some time to develop packaging that works and that’s easy to get into. But it’s well worth the research and development if it translates into happy customers who will come back for more of what you’re selling later.

Update Your Packaging Today

Keep these tips in mind to develop effective product packaging that will get you more sales. With the right materials, colors, and wording, you will be able to offer customers a unique product that comes in awesome packaging, too.

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