As the cost-of-living crisis deepens, many people will be starting the new year looking for money saving tips on their normal day to day living costs.

Holly Andrews, Managing Director at KIS Finance has been looking at the 50 best money saving tips that are really quick and simple but offer genuine ways to cut your expenditure without impacting on your lifestyle.

Holly says:

“The new year is the ideal time to shake up your spending habits and look for ways to streamline your expenditure, but most money saving tips mean having to cut back and give up things that you like.

However, at KIS Finance we have looked into the 50 simplest ways that you can save money with little effort but with some really great rewards.

If you try our easy to follow tips you can significantly reduce your expenditure without reducing your enjoyment of life.”

The guide gives some great practical advice on:

Money Saving Tips

Saving money when using your car by:

  • Using fuel price comparison sites
  • Avoiding premium fuels
  • Driving for efficiency
  • Regularly checking your tyre pressures
  • Reducing the weight of your vehicle

Spending less on your Electricity and Gas by:

  • Using a comparison site
  • Insulating your home cheaply
  • Turning off individual radiators
  • Running your washing machine on a low temperature cycle
  • Buying a shower timer
  • Only boiling the amount of water that you need to

Paying less for your holidays by:

Traveling outside of the most popular times
Being flexible over your destination
Avoiding expensive mobile phone data charges
Enjoy the local cuisine

Making your food budget go further by:

  • Shopping in the evenings
  • Shopping online
  • Going to the supermarket alone
  • Using Apps to avoid food waste

Enjoying takeaways for less by:

  • Going for collection instead of delivery
  • Look for cashback deals
  • Not ordering on a Friday or Saturday
  • Not just throwing away junk mail
  • Considering supermarket alternatives

Getting a better deal with your bank by:

  • Switching bank accounts

Making better use of your credit cards by:

  • Setting up a direct debit
  • Consolidating your credit cards
  • Removing your payment details from shopping websites

Saving money on your loans and mortgages by:

Cost effective mobile phones and internet by:

  • Cancelling your landline if no longer needed
  • Only paying for what you need

Saving money on entertainment by:

  • Utilising voucher schemes
  • Looking for free days out
  • Investing in a Kids Pass

Spending less on travel costs by:

  • Buying a family and friends rail card

Reducing your tax liabilities by:

  • Checking your tax code
  • Utilising any employee benefits
  • Reviewing your Council Tax

Getting a better deal on your insurance by:

  • Using a comparison site
  • Taking out home care cover
  • Only paying for the cover you need
  • Increasing your policy excess
  • Installing additional security to your home
  • Not overestimating your mileage for car insurance
  • Getting a black box insurance policy

Saving money on your direct debits and subscriptions by:

  • Auditing your direct debits and standing orders
  • Checking recurring payments
  • Reviewing subscriptions
  • Streamlining your streaming services

Let us know if these simple, but highly effective money saving tips have saved you a good sum every month in the comment section below..


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