There’s now a very simple and affordable way to add colour and style to your home, thanks to Melbourne entrepreneur Simone Kelly.

Founder of online business Gussy Dup, Simone used to spend hours searching for unique, colourful, affordable art for her home – only to find very often that the cost of framing the prints would completely blow her budget. Frustrated, she thought ‘there must be a better way’.  A better way to source modern, colourful, affordable art without wasting hours looking for it. And a better way to display it that wouldn’t ‘break the bank’.


One day, she had an idea. Why can’t art prints stick straight to the wall just like those cute, animal decals you can buy for kids’ nurseries?

The idea for Gussy Dup was born.

Simone then spent over a year experimenting with different materials to ensure the Gussy Dup product has just the right level of ‘tack’ to ensure your large work of art will stick to the wall and stay there until you decide to safely remove it without causing damage to your wall.


Simone also set about sourcing art from all over the world that would appeal to others just like her, who love colour, and love making their space a welcoming and inspiring one – and one they can feel proud of.

Gussy Dup has very quickly evolved into a business that champions female talent.  Simone has all of the artwork printed right here in Melbourne, however the artists are women from all around the globe – including France, Slovenia, Brazil, Germany, Turkey, The Philippines, Switzerland, Australia, the UK and the USA. It’s more than just a business; it’s a global community of female artists.


And the name? What does it mean?

The name ‘Gussy Dup’ comes from the expression ‘to get gussied up’ which means to get dressed up in a showy kind of way. So it’s about gussying up your space.


Because the prints come with a printed ‘frame’, you can apply them directly to the wall – or you can gussy them up to the hilt by framing them the traditional way (and as most of the prints come in standard sizes – such as A1 – you can keep framing costs to a minimum by purchasing ready-made framing). Either way, they’re designed to bring some fun and versatility into home and office decorating.

And priced at $120 including worldwide shipping, they really are unbeatable in terms of value for money.


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