People don’t usually observes logos. Maybe only if there is something peculliar with them or there is a fundamental change made to something they were very familiar with. If those were not the cases, people just go with the flow and never think about the amount of work invested in a logo. It seems like a simple symbol you need to decide upon before launching a product/business or making a turn in your promotional strategy.

But logos stick to you on a deeper level. They impersonate the brand itself, with what defines it, in a way no text will ever be able to. They are the rock, the thing you can rely upon, the one giving you the sensation of familiarity and safety you were craving for.

This is why you need to admire any logo designer pro you may meet in your lifetime. Because they make something with such complicated implications seem easy, a piece of cake, that the only explanation is a supernatural talent of synthesis. A logo is the unwritten story of the brand, it sums up all that’s important and should live with and for the brand.

minimalist logo design

Everything is important when designing one – colour, shape, proportions, overall appearance, details, etc. Nothing is left out, as this will stay by the brand, representing it forever. Logos adhere to an emotional level and express both past and future of the company or product they are attached to. They need to answer the basic questions about the brand, as a sort of a profile that says all the main things related to it. No matter if you are a small company, like a modern minimalist business, or a multinational, the functions of the logo are the same and the requirements it has to answer to, similar.

Logos are hard work in a world where content has to have an immediate impact, otherwise it is fast forgotten and quite impossible to revive. This is why their designers are not only people with great imagination and drawing skills, but persons who know a lot about psychology and marketing, always connected to the latest info, studies and statistics.

Tell me, knowing all these, do you look the same at a Unique 3D logo Design now?


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