Meet Your Wardrobe (MYW) releases free consumer wardrobe usage tracking and sustainability analytics functionality. You can now easily use wardrobe tracking as a way to become more sustainable, more ethical and show more empathy when making fashion-related decisions.

It is time to empower consumers to make more sustainable and ethical decisions. This is a game changer that allows anyone to see the impacts of their buying and usage decisions.

All core functionality will be available to use with the free personal account to ensure making sustainable decisions based on data are accessible to everyone. Meet Your Wardrobe want to ensure cost is not a barrier to getting these insights.


Meet Your Wardrobe encounter people all the time who either want to be more sustainable but don’t know where to start or believe sustainability is important but don’t think individual change makes a difference. This product empowers them and shows them a way to not only begin their journey but also the impact that they can make as an individual.

Most if not all of the focus so far in the market has been on manufacturers and sellers, but nothing significant for the end consumer. How can the end consumer make better decisions from a sustainability and ethical perspective…


Sustainability and being cognisant of the impact of what we wear needs to play a role in how we make purchasing decisions and indeed lead our life. The way in which this is achieved varies depending on who you talk to, but a common approach is to pursue the companies that make the products we consume, be it in the fashion or beauty industries. This is a valid and worthy approach, and indeed to effect change many pieces on the board need to move. However that said, something that is not commonly talked about is how we as individuals don’t hold ourselves to the same high standards we expect the companies we buy from to hold. We need to continually challenge ourselves to make better decisions, not only with regards to what we buy but also with regards to how we use what we buy. That is one of the reasons why we developed this functionality.

For example, it’s important to hold brands to account and highlight that wasting 1000s litres of water creating garments is not ok. But it’s equally important that we realise that using your washing machine multiple times a week using close to 100 litres of water per wash is equally wasteful and damaging.


So how do you start on this journey? An important starting point when it comes to ethics or to sustainability, in general, is data.

Why? Because how do you know how to improve or indeed where to improve if you don’t know where you currently are? What most people don’t realise is that the simple act of using a product generates a significant amount of data. The amount of data grows so quickly and with such intensity that it turns into noise. Our minds are not built to process all this and abstract all this information away, and as a result, we lose the significance and implications of our actions.


The average person doesn’t have the tools to break the noise into understandable signals.

In principle that sounds great, and you might be thinking that wardrobe tracking sounds like it involves a lot of work. If you were using a spreadsheet (as our co-founder started with which led to the development of this product) or noting things down on paper, indeed it does take a while, not only to constantly fill out the details but do all the calculations and make those calculations usable.

That is where Meet Your Wardrobe comes in. It gives you a deep insight into not only what you wear, but how products that you wear are related to each other in your wardrobe and what the impact of wearing them is.

Once you have added your products to your virtual wardrobe and filled out the required product details, all you need to do is click on Wear or Clean and add the respective date of the action i.e. every time you wear or clean them… that’s it. A couple of seconds at most!


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