Arabel Lebrusan, Creative Director of the leading ethical jewellery brand Lebrusan Studio, has released an article detailing her view on the ‘natural diamonds vs. lab-grown diamonds’ debate. The piece emerges in the wake of Pandora’s announcement to cease using natural diamonds altogether, committing exclusively to lab-grown stones instead.

Lebrusan acknowledges the social and environmental advantages to lab-grown diamonds but ultimately concludes that they are not the industry’s ethical future, instead highlighting the potential of natural diamonds to ‘change the world’ for the better.

Referencing the recent claim by Pandora CEO Alexander Lacik that switching to lab-grown diamonds is ‘the right thing to do’, Lebrusan writes: ‘Statements like this one are a crippling blow to consumer perceptions of natural diamonds.’

‘In a world where the richest 1% of people currently possess double the total wealth of the remaining 99%, responsible mining, and the social ventures generated by it, are a great place to start in our mission of liberation and distributing wealth.


‘When local and aboriginal communities are consulted, natural habitats carefully considered, sound socioeconomic policies implemented and rehabilitation plans executed once mines have served their purpose the positive impacts far outweigh the negatives.’

Lebrusan admits that a considerable overhaul of the natural diamond industry is crucial if we are to see natural diamonds offer maximum socioeconomic benefit. In her view, this revolution would include legalisation of small-scale mining worldwide and protection of common land to allow those who wish to exercise small-scale mining to organise themselves from the bottom up.

With these changes realised, Lebrusan believes the natural diamond industry could ‘distribute wealth to the people who need it the most; change the world, even.’


Lebrusan, a long-standing member of the Fair Luxury campaign group, explains that her stances are established within the context of Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics framework; ‘a socioeconomic lens through which to view the world.’

‘Humanity’s challenge in the 21st century is to ensure that no one falls short on life’s essentials, while also ensuring that collectively we don’t put too much pressure on Planet Earth’s life-supporting systems. An ideal world is a world where we can all exist comfortably within these boundaries; within the Doughnut.

‘In this fair and sustainable world, big corporations whose profits nourish only the lucky few simply don’t have a role to play. Instead, small lifestyle businesses, organised from the ground up, play a crucial part in distributing wealth and joy to all. The more people benefited by a particular product or venture, the better.’


Lebrusan Studio has recently become enrolled at the world-famous London Diamond Bourse, where clients can now visit them by appointment.

Lebrusan Studio is a jewellery brand that prides itself on beautiful design, beautiful craftsmanship and beautiful ethics. We commission only the best craftspeople in the UK and Spain and work solely with precious metals and gemstones that have been sustainably and ethically sourced – because we don’t support exploitation of any sort. The UK’s first ever Fairtrade Gold licensees, we also offer Fairmined Ecological Gold and 100% recycled materials across our collections.


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