Plug and Abandonment Services Are Vital for Oil Wells

Oil and gas wells can be useful for a long period of time. When they dry up or are no longer viable for other reasons, they need to be sealed safely. That’s where plug and abandonment services come in. It’s not safe or legal to simply leave a well after you’re done with it. Instead, it has to be capped or otherwise protected.

By plugging it according to industry regulations, it can then safely be “abandoned” by your company as you move on to other locations.

Plugging a Well Properly Requires Attention to Detail

Companies that handle the plugging and abandonment of oil and gas wells have to do so with extreme care. Meeting all rules, guidelines, and regulations for plugging and abandonment of a well isn’t complicated, but it is important. Without proper treatment, abandoned wells can become dangerous for people and the environment.

Wells that aren’t in use anymore are generally plugged to ensure nothing will leach from them into the surrounding environment.

Abandonment Services Allow You to Move On

Wireline services can help you see whether there are issues with a well. If it’s not functioning properly, and you’re not sure what to do or how to fix it, wirelining can give you the data you need to make a sound decision. Maybe the well is badly damaged, or perhaps it’s in a location where it no longer properly reaches the product it was intended to access.

No matter why it’s not viable anymore, it can be plugged and abandoned, so you can move on to another site or make use of other wells. And while the topic of an article, do keep in mind that the same such services that can help you plug the well can also help get it producing again.

Through production logging, opening new areas of oil or gas flow, and correction of poor piping or stuck tools, there are many ways to get a well back to producing if the product is still in the ground.

oil well

It’s Not Safe to Leave an Oil or Gas Well Open

Oilwells leak gases into the air when not properly maintained, or abandoned. These gases are harmful to the environment, and in certain conditions, create risk of explosion and fire. And when and oil well catches fire, well, it can go very poorly, burn for years on end, and cause catastrophic damage.

Concrete plugs are generally used to seal a well that’s reached the end of its useful life because they last a long time and provide the solid seal necessary to meet regulations on capping or sealing wells. When you have a professional company handling this for you, you won’t have to worry about whether it was done right.

You may have to plug and abandon a single well at your job site that’s stopped working, or a group of wells that you’re moving on from.

No matter the number of wells you’ll be sealing, knowing that it’s handled correctly matters. Quality plug and abandonment services will also protect your company from regulatory action, since there are specific requirements for ensuring a well has been sealed.

Companies that handle these kinds of jobs understand these regulations and can work within them efficiently, so you can move forward with your next wellsite.


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