Solana’s (SOL) price isn’t expected to change too much by the end of 2022, but holding onto your SOL may see massive returns by 2030, according to’s latest Solana Price Predictions Report.

Finder’s panel of 54 fintech and Web3 specialists predict that the price of SOL will be US$45 by the end of 2022 – roughly 75% lower than its price at the beginning of the year. However, the panel predicts this will go up to $166 by 2025, and $512 by December 2030.

In fact, two-fifths (40%) of the panelists say now is the time to buy SOL, while 31% say it’s time to hold, and just 29% to sell. 55% also think that SOL is the most likely to eclipse Binance in total value locked on the chain.

Funday co-founder and partner Alex Baghdjian has an end-of-year prediction on par with the panel average at $40, and says now is the time to buy SOL as its community is thriving due to the increasing number of developers.

University of Brighton senior lecturer Paul Levy predicts a slightly higher EOY price for SOL of $60 due in part to its strong community:

“There has been favorable comment from the tech community about Solana’s stability and its efficient performance. This could underpin it as a safe bet as long as continued development and consistency is achieved.”

Digital Capital Management managing director Ben Ritchie, also predicts that SOL will end the year at $40. He agrees with Baghdjian that SOL has a promising future due to its scalability with one caveat:

“…Frequent offlines and clock problems may hinder its success. We estimated the SOL token will be up to $500 in 2030 if they can address the issues on blockchain reliability, especially when the network traffic is high.”

Solana has faced recurring power outages since September 2021, and 69% of the panel think this problem will persist. Only 6% think otherwise, and a quarter (25%) are unsure.

CloudTech Group COO Kevin He is part of the majority who think the problem will persist, and says people may abandon SOL altogether due to network instabilities and better alternatives like Ethereum.

Solana 2022

“Solana’s network is not stable enough, and it’s not the first time we’ve seen Solana’s network crash this year. More new projects and dapps will also be attracted by Ethereum’s user base and abandon Solana after Ethereum completes its upgrade.”

Bitwave CEO Patrick White thinks Solana is an interesting platform but its power outages are holding it back.

“Solana is a really interesting platform, though it’s really fighting for the smart contract platform v2 – ETH has already won this round, and is doing really well on winning the next round with ETH2. So I’m keeping my eye on Solana, but it’s also the only blockchain that regularly has major outages, which just isn’t doable for a financial technology,” White said.

You can find the full report here.


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