Do you want to know a surefire way to grow in recognition as a brand? Give people moments to remember for a lifetime. Meet the expectations of a common man and never go out of the market. Sounds simple right? You can combine all these things in a brand activation event. Let’s understand what it is.

Defining brand activation:

Anything that your company sponsors and it adds to the experience of event attendee is included in brand activation. One of the key motivations behind concerts and festivals is the sponsored experience tailored for attendees. As a business, brand activation really helps you grow and make a name in the market.

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This article aims to introduce you to things that can provide your attendees with rich and memorable experience.

Five things to do in a brand activation event

Brand activations events have a business goal attached to them. Reaching that goal is as important as it gets. In order to achieve these goals, you will need to put yourself in the shoes of your audience and think like them. What would you want to experience in an event before you fall in love with a brand?

Following are some of the ideas which will come in handy:

1.       Tell an authentic story

No one remembers what you are selling unless they are interested in the specs you offer. What is the alternative to the specs which are not interesting to many of the attendees? Well, tell a story. A story that resonates with them and motivates them to do in life. Being inspirational can be something that makes you an integral part of their memory.

The event concept, décor, and theme should all be in sync with the story you are telling through your event. You can seek help from event companies in Abu Dhabi for framing an event concept where the décor and theme are in line with the event goals and reflect the journey of your brand.

2.       Make space for wellness activity

Zumba, yoga, cardio steps can be among your options to give attendees to indulge in a wellness activity. Whenever people attend an event, a high percentage of them are active and love to spend a few minutes in such an activity. It might become a chance for some to socialize and make new friends. There will be people who will be discussing the sponsoring brand in the meanwhile.

It might catch the attention of the most uninterested attendees there on the venue as well. Who doesn’t like a five-minute dance where no one is there to judge?

3.       Include silly side games

Everyone loves to play table tennis. Not knowing how to play it is a whole other thing. Anyways, you can help people get rid of their stresses and anxiety by providing them an opportunity to play table tennis or table hockey as a tool of brand activation.

Give people a chance to register for these games free of cost or try their hand with a free coupon and merge a game with another silly game like truth, dare, or dumb charades.

4.       Use virtual reality

Virtual reality has been around for years now, but it still has an element of fascination to it. VR allows user interaction with machines, and this is the reason it is still an important promotional tool at events. Many sponsors like to indulge virtual reality in an attempt to woo the hearts of attendees.

VR can enable you to show a 360-degree view of the event venue or give you a chance to let attendees paint virtually or decorate walls with balloons and lasers. You can best incorporate these ideas with the help of event companies operating in Abu Dhabi without worrying about the execution.

5.       Arrange 4G and charging stations

No one goes anywhere without gadgets, and frankly speaking, no one wants to go to a place with no internet access. Provide attendees with internet access throughout the event. Sponsor the charging stations for the gadgets people to bring with them. This might make them stay longer in the event.

This very idea will help you in drawing the attention of masses in your next events as well.

Arranging your brand activation event soon?

Well, activate your creative imagination first and follow the ideas listed above. You will be able to attract the maximum amount of people towards your products and services as a result. People will not feel bored, and will definitely find something interesting to do.

Hiring a professional event manager will help you execute all these ideas without any hassle and mismanagement. You will be able to provide the attendees with an experience that will serve as a respite from the continuous bustle that their daily life is.

Your business image will grow better with an amazing brand activation event!


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