As Facilities directors and Office Managers across the country scramble to find ways to reopen and remain in operation safely, one company, Pure Planet Waters, is leading the way in helping them to reduce contamination risk at the staple of every work place – the water cooler.

Get a Touchless Water Cooler today

wwThe water cooler is a legendary office fixture, it is where coworkers become friends, where departmental lines and hierarchies are blurred, where everyone shares the same goal – to stay hydrated while working.

Nowadays we have all become skittish about touching surfaces that are constantly touched by many people… the subway handrails, the elevator push button, the sign in pen at the doctor’s office… and the dispensing tabs at the water cooler.

Touchless Commercial Grade Water Filtration Systems

Thanks to the advanced technology Pure Planet Waters is bringing to the workplace you can now dispense purified cold and hot water without coming into contact with the water cooler at all.

Users of their industry leading Safe Serve 9 Stage Filtration System simply position their cup under the dispensing nozzle and hold their hand above the state of the art motion sensors to dispense water.

In addition, this commercial grade water filtration system is equipped with SafeTouch surface protection with silver ion antimicrobial technology. The water cooler has never been cleaner or safer… this is truly a gamechanger.

5 Ways that Bottleless Water Coolers are Safer and healthier than Bottled Water Delivery:

1. Eliminates needless contact from manufacturing to filling, transporting & delivery, storage & changing out bottles on the dispenser. Countless hands have touched that bottle before you even take a sip.

2. Sealed stainless steel reservoirs within Pure Planet Waters’ Safe Serve System reduce the possibility of airborne contaminants entering the water source. Did Joe from accounting just cough?

3. Pure Planet Waters’ systems eliminate the unnecessary heavy lifting of awkward 42 pound jugs of water. This alone is cause for change. We live in times of unprecedented technological advances… yet some people are still needlessly working so hard for water. Our industry leading 9 stage filtration systems will purify your water and deliver an endless flow of cold and hot water – and you won’t need to lift a finger!

4. No chemical contaminants. BPA free water. The chemicals found in the plastic jugs have been found to leach into the water. These chemicals have been shown to cause numerous health problems.

5. Reduces germ sharing at the water cooler. Pure Planet Waters’ Safe Serve System completely eliminates the need to touch the water cooler – and even if you choose to touch it you can do so confidently knowing that the Safe Serve system is equipped with SafeTouch surface protection with silver ion antimicrobial technology. The CDS recommends water coolers with no touch dispensing to help stop the spread!



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