Female Entrepreneur
People want to live more sustainably and are interested in having a positive impact on the lives of those who make their clothes and accessories.
Gussy Dup
There's now a very simple and affordable way to add colour and style to your home, thanks to Melbourne entrepreneur Simone Kelly.
Online Educational Games for Kids
How is a 29-year-old woman, teacher and a recent Forbes 30 Under 30, going to reach the next billion learners in the world through AI
Nude Jewellery
The piece emerges in the wake of Pandora’s announcement to cease using natural diamonds altogether, committing exclusively to lab-grown stones instead.
Bobbi Trehan-Young, founder of a start-up brand Bobbi | London™, will be one of a curated cohort of online retailers to take part in a brand-new pop-up on London’s Oxford Street to help enliven our high streets.
Give the Gift of Glowing Skin this Xmas!
Smazy is helping people rethink how they take care of their skin.
This Wednesday is Women's Equal Pay Day, the average date it would take a woman working full-time to earn what a man did in 2020.
Ahead of Women's Equal Pay Day Wednesday, there's an even greater emphasis in the pandemic to acknowledge and address the gender wage gap.
records management in Pakistan with archive technologies
After having read this write-up will allow you to explore few creative ways of effective records management in Pakistan. For example, proper organization of records or hiring an archiving agency for scanning and digitization service to go paperless.
Medical Research
COVID-19 has demonstrated the critical role of women scientists in the fight against the pandemic, but participation, pay and airtime has not kept pace with attitudes

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