IoT software has been in high demand this year. The technology is still emerging and gains new value in different industries and for various purposes.
The Quality Of Water Filter
Pure Planet Waters, is leading the way in helping them to reduce contamination risk at the staple of every work place - the water cooler.
Female Entrepreneur
Over the past few years, Clare became increasingly aware of the need to encourage others to reduce, reuse and recycle, to lessen each of our impacts on the environment.
Women Virtual Conference
That’s why Udacity wants to give women the opportunity to learn in-demand tech skills, while providing a virtual conference to connect with female leaders in the industry.
Charlotte Francis is the Maths teacher who is now also the entrepreneur behind the new Dolls Brand “Biankha and Friends”.
With its progressive agenda and rebellious attitude, Watalook is not your typical SaaS
Nearly a quarter of working mums 24% say they are less likely to seek promotion as a result of Covid, according to a Working Mums survey.
Protect Line, one of the UK's leading fee-free life insurance brokers, is pleased to announce that it has become directly authorised by the FCA
house garage
So, instead of waiting for that to happen, you should protect your home today and learn as much as you can about the importance of home insurance.
Very soon, the NFT STARS platform will be hosting one of the most high-profile auctions in NFT history.

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