UK fitness brand, Core Balance, welcomed their weighted hula hoop back into stock this week.
Cozy State of Mind in 2021
Every activity at home feels Maajical, specially, if we're dressed for the occasion: comfy & cute.

New Year, New You

Achieve Your Goals and Start 2021 Moving Your Body! It's a new year and it's time to set or reevaluate our goals.
Classworx is launching its platform that will enable people from around the globe to support Yoga instructors that join Classworx and teach attendees their favorite yoga moves.
Lyra Swimwear
A modern swimwear brand that is a mixture of fashion, style along with modesty and fitness.
world vegan day
Author of the definitive vegan cookbook Go Vegan and dedicated health counsellor and teacher, looks at some of the reasons behind the growing popularity of veganism for World Vegan Day.
5 Health Tips Exclusive For Women
Read on for the top 5 female health tips and advice to create the best version of yourself.
Senior Exercise
No matter what your age, it never takes long to take shape. These simple tips will help you get started safely and have fun.
We All have Belly Fat… but which Kind do You have?
Try not to surrender! Let me enlighten you regarding the six sorts of paunch fat and how to handle them.
The Casual Wear Range at IKRUSH
IKRUSH have a huge variety in this collection from cute crop tops to sassy slogan tee’s paired with some ripped jeans or a cute skirt.

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