Updating your kitchen is the perfect project for painters of all abilities.

“With a partner and no interruptions, you could do your kitchen cabinets in a weekend,”

explains Annie Sloan, who is sharing her passion for decorative painting, and inspiring people to be creative and adventurous with her paints and colours.

“Or if the thought of a big job is overwhelming, break it down. Do your top cupboards one week and your bottom cupboards the next.”

Annie Sloan Kitchen Wall Paint In Original Chalk Paint In Graphite Chicago Grey Athenian Black Lifestyle Portrait

– Start by giving your kitchen cabinets a clean with soapy water to remove any oil or grease

– When dry, apply your first coat of Chalk Paint™ using an Annie Sloan Flat Brush for a smooth finish

– Leave plenty of time to dry, before painting a second coat of Chalk Paint™

– Once dry, finish with at least two coats of protective finishing sealant: Chalk Paint™ Wax to emphasize Chalk Paint™ colour and give a mellow velvety finish; Gloss Chalk Paint™ Lacquer to give a light sheen; or, Matt Chalk Paint™ Lacquer to give a sophisticated, plush, muted look

To achieve this plaster effect, inspired by Moroccan ‘Tadelakt’, apply Chalk Paint™ onto a base of Wall Paint using thick strips of cardboard. Drag, wipe and scrape the paint along the wall, building up layers of colour and tone, until blended to your liking. Once dry, finish with a thin layer of Clear Chalk Paint™ Wax to seal and protect your handiwork.

By leading the decorative painting revolution over the last three decades, Annie Sloan is widely recognised as one of the world’s most respected experts in paint and colour.

As well as authoring 26 internationally sold books, Annie Sloan transformed the world of furniture paint with the creation of her own brand of decorative paint, Chalk Paint®, in 1990. Annie’s fine-art background and contagious enthusiasm for decorative painting has motivated both home painters and experienced professionals, unlocking countless creative potentials over the last 30 years. Her products are exclusively available through her network of over 1,700 independent Stockists located in 55 countries around the world.

Her books are available on Amazon USA and Amazon UK websites.



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