Lose yourself in the joy of creativity with our easy-to-assemble summery wreath kit, then display it proudly on your front door or add unique contemporary style to your interior decor, a garden summerhouse, home office or nursery. Or are you looking for a special gift?

The Enchanted Wreath makes a fabulously thoughtful and long-lasting present that’s unique to the lucky recipient too.


The gorgeous Enchanted Wreath, designed by the talented team at Cotswolds-based Enchanted Floristry, brings together all the botanical and decorative components in a neat compartmentalised box.


Open the doors to reveal long-lasting preserved foliage, dried flowers, pastel-coloured fir cones and feathers, seed heads, natural wood spheres and a bright and beautiful butterfly to add an enchanting flutter. There’s even a tiny silver tag proclaiming it’s been ‘made with love’.


Follow the step-by-step guide to attach the items to the white wire circlet – or alternatively just do your own thing, it’s totally up to you!

When complete, hang it up with the pink velvet ribbon. It’s easy and fun whether you are an avid crafter, budding florist, or just can’t resist something as pretty as this to make and display.


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