Overflowing sink and bathroom is the worst situation that you can face in your life, and you could not manage such situations without a specialist. People do not need to deal with such toxic materials, and they prefer to hire professional services for their blocked drains. If you have a minor issue or small clogs inside your drains, then you can apply a few DIY tricks.

Here, you can find some DIY tricks to clean your blocked drains:

1. Use chemicals:

Blocked Drains

You can find some cleaning solutions in nearby hardware stores, and you can use these chemicals to clean your blocked drains. But these are the harmful chemicals, and they can damage your pipes. Even some of them can move the clog further down and block your sewage lines. So, make sure you must choose some organic cleaning solutions for your drain cleaning. Chemical cleansers are used when the clogging issues are very serious. Make sure that you hire a professional in such cases.

2. Warm water:

You can pour some warm water inside your drain, and it will dissolve the foreign particles. But if you have PVC pipes, then do not use boiled water because it will loosen their joints. Plus, you cannot use boil water directly on your porcelain sink, as it can crack. You can directly pour warm water in your drain.

3. Baking soda:

Blocked Drains Melbourne

If you are looking for natural cleansers, then baking soda can be the best choice. You can mix vinegar or baking soda with warm water to clean your sink. You can pour baking soda and vinegar in your drain, and then apply warm water. If you have a metal stopper or rags in your drain, then baking soda or vinegar can produce the volcanic reaction. Try to use a mask and hand gloves while you clean your drain.

4. Plunger:

If you find large obstruction inside drains, then you need to use a plunger. There are various types of plungers available in the market, such as cup-shaped and flanged plungers. You need to choose the best one according to your drain size. Plungers are the handheld tools, and you need to remove the strainers to insert a plunger. You can fill the sink with water and then use a plunger to pull out the garbage from your drains. Do not push such garbage. Otherwise they will go down and deposited inside the drains. Always use a sharp plunge to clean the blocked drains.

5. Drain snake:

This is a less expensive tool available in every hardware store. You can use long steel wire to clean your blocked drains. You can put this snake inside the drain and twist the wire to collect the clogs. Then pull out the clogs from your drain.

You can find a few U-shaped pieces called P-trap in your drains, and you cannot clean such areas with your DIY tools. If you have metal pipes, then you can use channel locks or adjustable wrench. If you are not able to clean your blocked drains, then call a professional clogged drain cleaning service. They have some advanced tools to clean your drains, and they will maintain all safety measurements while cleaning your drain.

Blocked Drains

Clean the underground drainage system:

Your underground sewage system can be clogged due to the penetration of tree roots, and you cannot access such underneath areas. Even leaves and debris can block your gutters, and you cannot clean such underneath sewage lines with your DIY tricks. In this case, you need to hire a trained blocked drain cleaning service.

They will insert CCTV in your sewage lines and find out the clogged area. Then they will clean the drains with their advanced tools. They can also reline your drains with new pipes and save your cost.


Never ignore the blocked drain problem; they can completely sabotage the drainage system of your place. Hence regular cleaning and hiring professionals when the requirement is a must.


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