Back to school season always makes me hungry for knowledge. I was not too fond of school as a child or teen, but I liked college. I liked going back to college even more. It seems the older I get, the more I want to learn. There is so much to learn and experience in this world.

Time and money seem to hinder my ability to experience and learn everything I long to know. Books tend to bridge that gap. I can open a book and be exposed to experts in almost any field. I can whisk back in time and encounter different perspectives on issues.

Reading is an amazing journey. Of course, doing and experimenting are crucial for learning, but reading and analyzing enhance your understanding. Your experience is deepened.

There is a great book, Scaramouchewhere this concept is explored. The main character becomes a fencing master by practicing for hours, but he spends just as much time reading books by the masters. Eventually, he becomes better than his mentor.

This section of the book was mind-expanding to me. I tested it on several areas of my life. The results were amazing. Reading books on gardening, cooking, and communication made sense, but reading a basketball book really did improve my shot.

The take-away is you can learn or improve any skill or subject by engaging in reading about them. Aren’t our minds awe-inspiring? So, take the challenge. Read a book today and see what skill you can improve. You might not become an expert, but you will improve.

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