Hot off the worldwide success of Smart Cities for Dummies, Dr. Jonathan Reichental, a well-known world authority on the future of cities, has teamed up with children’s book author on popular STEAM topics (STEM with Arts), Brett Hoffstadt, to create the world’s first kids activity book focused on smart and sustainable cities.

The book, released on August 2, is called, Exploring Smart Cities Activity Book for Kids, and it provides an engaging and unique educational experience for children ages 3-11 years old. The book opened on Amazon as the number one new science book for kids.

In the book’s 120 pages, there are over 50 engaging learning activities that include coloring, mazes, drawing, word searches, crosswords, and more.

The activities and rhymes will provide endless hours of fun and enjoyment at home and at school, with ample opportunities for topics to inspire a child’s interests now and into the future.

Reichental said, “With over half the world living in cities now and between 2-3 million more people moving into them each week, it’s clear our future belongs to cities. Brett and I created this book to help kids understand the challenges that exist in our urban communities and the amazing opportunities that are ahead. I hope that many kids are inspired by this book to be part of building a better future for all.”

Hoffstadt added, “Whether kids are interested in alternative transportation such as drones or autonomous vehicles, alternative energy, sustainability, or the internet of things (IoT); these are some of the many topics that are made more exciting and meaningful through games, puzzles, critical thinking skills, and creative artwork.”

Creating and adopting new ideas that improve quality of life is what smart cities are all about. It’s why they are important to all of us, including kids.

By taking an interactive journey through this first-ever kid’s book about smart cities, children will not only gain valuable knowledge about the future of cities from a world-recognized authority on the topic, but they may also be inspired to grow up and be part of creating a better world.

Exploring Smart Cities Activity Book for Kids is an independent book release under the Innovation Fountain brand. The book will be initially available from


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