In a situation you have been thinking about what Monster Hunter XX will appear and play like, there is no need to wonder anymore.

At this point, it is fair to say, that the Monster Hunter world is a commercial and critical success. What are the best Monster Battle Games of all time? It can be a difficult answer, as this series where half-titles have the word ‘Ultimate’ joined at the end.

We are not against difficult decisions, although, so we have taken this duty to rank every single Monster Hunter game to decide which one is the best game.

The games feature new hunting styles, new monsters, and the more challenging G-Rank quests.

In this blog, we have compiled the best monster battle games, so let’s start.

Best Monster Hunter Games of all time

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1. Tetramon Duel Master EX

It is a PVP multiplayer turn-based strategy monster battle game in which a team of monsters is trained and fight against another monster master worldwide. Update and discover new monsters, fight in battles, make a team and be the only monster master.

2. Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting

It is an iOS derivative that provides a direct hunting adventure at the beginning of an App Store. You have to select a monster to hunt, head out into the hunt and pick your type of weapon.

You then utilize a series of swipes and taps to perform versatile attacks, from blockage to evade and to pull off special moves. Fight with the monster and you are awarded on your performance and get new monsters for hunting.

3. Monster Hunter (PS2, 2004)

This original game Monster Hunt was launched on the PS2 in 2004. As the game is not old, but the framework it developed remained the same till Monster Hunter: arrived to shake all the things.

4. Hunter 1 (2021)

This is a shooting game in which the female hunter captures and hunts the fox and the rabbit deep inside the forest and as a reward gets some points. When the score gets to a specific point, the game will give some virtual gold and diamonds to the player.

There is a left mouse key pressed by the players to allow the female hunters to shoot.

5. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

The action RPG series is a debt on Nintendo Switch. Select your weapons from 14 different types of weapons, combine and compare them with different Hunting Styles and Hunter Arts, or even play with ferocious and adorable Felyne in Prowler Mode.

6. Monster Hunter Freedom (PSP, 2005)

The game is a modified remaster of the original Monster Hunter that was developed and launched in 2006. It was focused heavily on Monster Hunter G, the Japanese expansion pack for actual Monster Hunter, however, the formula got changed to permit you to mainly play solo.

The only criticism it faces is being too slow and long loading time, which doesn’t work really for a portable game.


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