Wentworth Wooden Puzzles are delighted to share their brand new collection for the 2020 Holidays. This stunning collection of over 50 premium wooden jigsaw puzzles is due to be released in September, and the full collection will be available online.

There’s sure to be a puzzle to suit everyone in this extensively varied collection. From puzzles for Hannukah to jigsaws especially for the Holidays and Thanksgiving – including puzzles with special messages built into the pieces and bespoke puzzles that can be personalized with your own image.

Although gift-giving is not a large tradition at Thanksgiving and Hannukah, these puzzles would make excellent token gifts for hosts, a way to capture your favourite memories from this wonderful time of year, or a lovely way to start an annual family tradition.

Most puzzles are available in a range of piece counts and difficulty levels so you don’t have to compromise on an image you like for a challenge, and the puzzles are perfectly matched to the recipient’s puzzling abilities.

Merry and Mindful

In an ever-expanding digital world, many people have developed a new-found love for this analogue charm in recent years, paving the way for a new breed of younger puzzlers that’s been steadily increasing, and dramatically more so over lockdown. Jigsaw puzzles boost focus, patience and relaxation, and due to their immersiveness, can provide a meditative effect – they’ve been described as a form of “play therapy”. As well as providing a beguiling form of entertainment, a Wentworth Puzzle can give you so much more . . . a break from screen time, quality time shared with family and friends, or a mindful distraction and path to wellbeing.

Providing a much-needed reprieve from the effects of lockdown, it’s no wonder that the new puzzling trend is increasing further and looks set to stay with us. As sales of jigsaw puzzles have increased by over 200% since March, it’s no surprise they’re now considered a household essential. So with a whole new community of puzzle enthusiasts, there is sure to be an increase in people who have a jigsaw puzzle at the top of their Christmas Wish List this year.

The Wentworth Difference – British made and Built to last

Inside every one of Wentworth’s boxes you will find one of their premium quality wooden jigsaw puzzles, made from start to finish at their factory in the heart of the British countryside since 1991. With intricately hand-designed laser cut pieces including the charming ‘whimsies’, each puzzle guarantees to delight and tantalise you for years to come.

Celebrate Thanksgiving and the Holidays with Wentworth Wooden Puzzles

Wentworth aims to spread happiness as well as be sustainable in all that they do. So all of their puzzles are made using wood from forests that are sustainably managed, and the box is made from recycled materials. No plastic is used in the packaging process and Wentworth continue to do all it can to minimise the energy they use and recycle the waste they create. Most importantly the puzzles are made to last. So whether you keep your Wentworth Puzzle as a family heirloom or pass it on to others to spread the joy, it is the ultimate in sustainability.

“As Jigsaw puzzles are fitting into everyone’s lives these days, we’ve developed this collection to be as broad as possible, to ensure we have a puzzle to suit every taste, interest and difficulty level”

Sarah Watson, Managing Director, Wentworth Puzzles

Celebrate Thanksgiving and the Holidays with Wentworth Wooden Puzzles

Nutcracker Fantasy

This puzzle contains letter shaped puzzle pieces which spell out the message ‘Happy Holidays’ along with other holiday themed whimsies. The artist, Jane Wooster Scott, paints images as she imagined America to look a century ago and tries to capture the ‘small-town’ experience of the United States and culture in which she was raised. Sizes available 250pc, 500pc, 1,000pc. Price from £29.95.

Happy Thanksgiving

Celebrate togetherness and gratitude with this wholesome wooden jigsaw puzzle. A cosy scene of a cat and dog sleeping in front of the crackling fire, the Mantlepiece is decorated beautifully with candles, pinecones and pumpkins, and the Fall colours make this perfect for Thanksgiving. Sizes available: 240pc, 500pc. Price from £29.95

Light Unto The Nations

The focus of Hanukkah is staying at home and spending time with friends and family. And what better way to pull the family together than bonding over a Hanukkah Wooden Puzzle. This beautiful depiction of a Menora in an almost stained glass style, is by Jeanette Kuvin Oren, an American artist who specialises in Judaic Art. Sizes available: 250pc, 500pc. Price from £29.95.

Flags on 57th Street

A symbol of patriotism for the US during World War I, this painting shows the view of 57th Street and Sixth Avenue as seen from the artist’s studio. The colourful and bright US Flags really stand out against the snowy street. The artist, Childe Frederick Hassam painted almost 30 canvasses of the Flags hung along New York Streets over the course of 3 years. Sizes available: 250pc, 500pc. Price from £29.95.

Christmas House

A warm and inviting interior of a fabulously festive home kitted out in Christmas Decs. Last-minute preparations are well underway, including some gift wrapping. Though it must be time for the children to go to bed soon – Santa and his reindeer have landed on the roof, ready to make a delivery of presents. Sizes available: 250pc, 500pc, 1,000pc. Price from £29.95.

Skating at Rockefeller Center

Ice Skating under the grand Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center is a New York City tradition and quintessential winter activity. Capture a small piece of this magical pastime in a gorgeous wooden puzzle, ready to piece together on a cold winters evening, complete with a warm cup of hot chocolate. Sizes available: 250pc, 500pc, 1,000pc. Price from £29.95.

Personalized Photo Puzzles from £39

Thoughtful and unique, personalized puzzles are not only beautiful and sentimental, but can provide hours of fun, a break from screen time, quality time spent with friends and family, or a mindful distraction and path to wellbeing. And as the puzzle is made with your own image, it’s completely bespoke and individual to the recipient.

You can add your own message onto the box label along with your image, or you can select a ‘clueless option’ leaving the puzzle image a mystery on the box, providing an extra challenge, but an even better surprise once the puzzle is completed by the recipient.

As well as themed whimsy pieces, these Personalized puzzles have special letter-shaped pieces built into the puzzle which spell out a message. Choose between “Happy Thanksgiving’ and ‘Happy Holidays’ (more messages and designs are available on www.wentworthpuzzles.com and Amazon website). Both puzzles are available in 250 pieces and priced at £39 each.


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