Creator-Owned Comics Set To Hit Big in 2024

While you might like reading comics from the Big 2 like Marvel and DC, it can be hard to truly get into these IP-owned characters. The people that write and draw them have to work within the confines of some pretty strict editorial guidelines.

That’s not the case with Ghost Machine #1,  a 64-page comic from Image Comics, which allows the creators to have much more free rein. People like Geoff Johns, Brad Meltzer, and Lamont Magee have contributed their writing genius to this.

Unique Characters

You can tell that this is going to be special by looking at the names of the characters – Rook, Geiger (aka The Glowing Man), Redcoat, and the Rocketfellers, just to name a few. Image Comics has always had unique characters that were created by the best in the industry. People like Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, and Rob Liefeld have done their work at Image.

All From Different Settings

These are people that have been ripped from their timelines in places like the Revolutionary War and the Vietnam War. Others hail from the deepest recesses of space, far from our island planet that we call Earth. Readers will see stories set in the distant past and the not-too-distant future.


From Creators and Artists With Love

You can tell that the people who made these comics, whether in the dialogue, or every single stroke of art, or every splash of color, were truly invested in the process. These are their babies, and they get to display them to the world with pride.

Yes, the comic industry can be a very tough one, but these people are doing it on their terms and telling their stories.

There’s no messy backstory from decades past or any continuity to worry about. They don’t have to worry about what a particular writer did with a character in 1980. This is their canvas, and they get to use it however they like.

Take The Ride

The best part about this is that you get to follow along with everyone. You get to see what their storytelling process is like and what they choose to do. They aren’t going to have an editor saying some like “[This Established Character] wouldn’t do that.” Which means you get to see them take chances.

There’s nothing wrong with liking the other two publishers, but if you want to really help creators and see them flourish with their own titles, then it’s worth checking out comics like Ghost Machine #1.


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