Struggling for gift ideas for your eco-warrior Mum? We’ve got you covered with locally-made, natural and reusable products that will help her reduce waste!

Bathroom Ideas

Kempii bamboo cotton facial rounds are an eco-friendly replacement for wasteful make-up wipes, and much better for your skin. Use them with an all-natural make-up remover like olive oil or coconut oil.

Give her the gift or plastic-free shampoo with award-winning Kind2 shampoo bars – each bar replaces 2 plastic bottles of liquid shampoo. Unilke other shampoo bars that can leave your hair greasy and waxy, these pH balanced bars really work – soft and shiny hair, even in hard water! Combine it with a vintage enamel soap dish, to make sure the soap bar dries out between washes and lasts longer.

Kitchen Ideas

Did you know that 70% of packaging waste comes from the grocery sector? Your Mum will love these zero waste switches that are healthier for the planet, and look so much better in the kitchen.

Kempii zero waste starter kit includes cloth produce bags, reusable none sponges and a heavy duty pan scrubber, to kick start the journey to reduce waste in the kitchen. Wax wraps are a healthier alternative to plastic cling wrap that can last for up to 6 months. Unlike the usual beeswax wraps, these are made from soy wax and completely vegan-friendly. Finally, our stainless steel containers are perfect for shopping and storing food at home. You can even put them in the freezer.

Zero waste doesn’t only belong in the home – there are many zero waste gift ideas that can be used out and about.

In the UK, 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups end up each year. There’s an easy fix to this – reusable coffee cups! And the beautiful cork sleeve means Mum can order her extra-hot flat white with not risk of scalding fingers.

Eco-Friendly Mother's Day Gift IdeasEco-Friendly Mother's Day Gift Ideas

For work meetings at co-working spaces, the Kempii cosy laptop cover is a great way to protect electronics and reduce e-waste. It’s made from thick yarn offcuts, that would otherwise have been discarded.

Finally, our hand-printed soap travel bag is perfect for Mum’s next trip. It allows your soap bar to breathe, so it can dry out effectively. And in the meantime, it makes your whole suitcase smell gorgeous.


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