The perfect inspirational gift packed with so much learning for International Day of The Girl!

Each of the women featured on eatsleepdoodle Heroines of History colouring tablecloth has been chosen for their incredible achievements and inspiring actions. Diverse across centuries, nationalities, ethnicities and locations, some are well-known, some not, and their stories provide a wonderful learning adventure certain to inspire all children (and adults!) as they discover the extraordinary lives these women lived.

Colour and learn about brilliant and impactful women in history From Boudicca to Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Eliza Mahoney to Jane Austen. And find out all about them on our website.

International Day of The Girl

As the 10th anniversary of the United Nation’s International Day of The Girl approaches, eatsleepdoodle wanted to share the stories of some of the incredible women that feature on our heroines of history wall-hanging.

Mary Ellis was one of the first women to fly Britain’s first jet fighter. Ellis flew over 70 different aircraft types and 1000 planes, delivering new aircraft and relocating aircraft from RAF airfields to the front line.

On one occasion, following her single-handed safe landing of a Wellington, the disbelieving ground crew searched the plane looking for the male pilot whom they believed must have flown it! In later life, she managed Sandown Airport and founded the Isle of Wight Aero Club. Along with other female pilots, Mary Ellis faced many hurdles, taking on and overcoming barriers with great skill and courage.

Maria Tallchief was one of America’s first major prima ballerinas and the first Native American to hold that rank. She performed with the New York City Ballet and other major companies internationally, including the Paris Opera Ballet and the Bolshoi Ballet. Maria also co-founded the Chicago City Ballet.

Maria’s commitment to ballet and working with aspiring dancers and performers kept her closely involved with dance even in retirement. She became director of ballet at the Lyric Opera of Chicago, founded the Chicago City Ballet with her sister Marjorie and was accepted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame in 1996.

International Day of The Girl

Joan of Arc is famous for her defence of France against England during the Hundred Years’ War. The role she played in the successful lifting of the Siege of Orleans was interpreted by the French forces as a sign of divine support for her. A follow-up battle at Patay resulted in further French success and further burnishing of Joan’s reputation.

Over the centuries since her death, Joan of Arc has become a semi-legendary figure. She was canonised and declared a national symbol of France in 1803. Her famous quote – “I am not afraid…I was born to do this” expresses her great bravery and resilience.

Thanks to these women in the past (and many others!), there are ever more opportunities and possibilities for young women and girls. The UN website reflects that ‘today’s more than 1.1 billion girls are poised to take on the future. Every day, girls are breaking boundaries and barriers, tackling issues like child marriage, education inequality, violence, climate justice, and inequitable access to healthcare. Girls are proving they are unstoppable.’

This tablecloth to colour-in is a great feminist gift for girls and boys and is ideal as a classroom or homeschooling learning activity. A great Christmas gift for young feminists and guaranteed to add a spark of creativity and exciting conversation to dinner parties, kids’ party tables and family dinners!

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