Made of luxuriously soft sustainable, organic cashmere, Knüg button wraps are versatile for all occasions – you will wonder how you have ever survived without one before.

From heading out on the school run, keeping cosy at home in the winter months, smartening up for the Zoom call or looking glam in the evening, there is no event that cannot be enhanced with the elegant button wrap. It is the perfect cover up wherever you are. Lighter than a coat, and dare we say it, more stylish, it not only feels and looks great, it is hugely flattering whatever your shape and size. Slip it on over jeans for casual elegance or layer over a collared shirt for a smart casual look.

A button wrap is amazing to layer up and to wear when you are out and about. It can cover your shoulders, dress up a plain outfit for dinner, add a much-needed layer of warmth on a chilly evening, double-up as a blanket and can also be used as a shawl or a scarf. Lightweight and compact it provides a casual sophistication for any occasion. Adapt it to your own personal style: you may prefer to wear it around your shoulders as a poncho providing stylish versatility, or perhaps as a chic cardigan on cooler days.


Comfortable and easy-to-wear a button wrap is perfect for an on-the-go travel companion when the temperature may drop or when the air-conditioning is set too cool. Small enough to fold into your handbag, it is lightweight and easy to pack without creasing.

The button closure enables you to wear your wrap in different styles. Use as a blanket when on a plane, or button all the buttons and drape the longer corner over your top shoulder to wear in the Italian-style – the options are endless! Lovingly designed, this flattering piece will become an indulgent necessity. The wrap is longer than most on the market (160x79cm) which allows for a beautifully elegant drape.

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Knüg‘s organic, sustainable 100% cashmere is produced to rigorous environmental and quality standards. The premium wraps are made from the finest quality cashmere in 2-ply yarn. By only using long fibres for our cashmere, it results in more durable, longer-lasting cashmere with minimal pilling. The cashmere will last you many years to come and becomes even softer with age.

Their cashmere is certified by the Sustainable Fibre Alliance (SFA), a non-profit organisation working towards preserving the Mongolia grasslands, animal welfare and secure livelihoods for the herders and their families.

Knüg only use the best quality, long fibre cashmere combed from the underbelly of goats by nomadic farmers in Inner Mongolia. The best fibres are hand-selected and certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and then spun into a beautiful yarn on Italian machines. They use non-toxic dyes and avoid bleaching, so the cashmere remains free of harmful chemicals and is OEKO-TEX certified. The finished yarn is then sent across the border to Nepal, where our cashmere is skilfully knitted by the oldest cashmere specialist family business in Nepal, to the highest sustainable standards.


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