As a plus-size woman, embracing your body and feeling confident in your skin is essential. Dressing fashionably and stylishly is for everyone, regardless of size.

Don’t Be Afraid to Shop

When styling plus size clothing, many people avoid buying anything new because they believe the clothes will only fit after losing weight. But this is a mistake! You should shop through any weight changes and invest in staple pieces that will make your curves look their best.

As for shoes, pointy-toe heels are great for extending your legs and looking leaner. Plus, they are also very on-trend this fall and winter. For a more laid-back look, try sneakers and mules. Just remember to keep the shoe color consistent with your outfit.

Stick with neutrals or add pops of color to avoid a clash. Lastly, don’t forget to splurge on good undergarments and shapewear.

Don’t Be Afraid to Wear Statement Pieces

Plus Size Women

When styling a plus-size woman, it is important to wear bold and eye-catching pieces. This can be done by choosing well-fitted clothing that accentuates the body’s shape, mixing and matching different styles to create a unique look, and accessorizing with items that add a pop of color or shine.

When wearing a plus size clothing statement piece, avoiding overdoing it with too many details or accessories is important. This can overwhelm the outfit and make it look cluttered and messy. By keeping the rest of the outfit simple, you can allow the statement piece to take center stage and command attention without overshadowing the rest of the look.

Another tip for wearing statement pieces is to pair them with slimming fabrics such as lace or velvet. This will help downplay any areas in which you may need more confidence and create a more flattering silhouette.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Bold

When it comes to fashion, boldness is only sometimes synonymous with garishness. Boldness can also mean showing off your style sense tastefully and appropriately for your size.

A great example of this is avoiding overly baggy clothes and instead choosing tighter fits. This could include a pair of fitted jeans over loose baggy ones, skirts or dresses in pencil, a-line, or fit and flare shapes instead of tiering styles.

Incorporating a brightly-colored statement piece into your outfit can be visually appealing and slimming. This is especially true if the statement piece has vertical patterns that elongate the silhouette.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix & Match

Plus Size Women

The first step to becoming a style master is building a versatile wardrobe. A few key items will help you mix and match to create a variety of outfits for any occasion.

Avoid baggy clothes, especially ones that hang or cling in unflattering ways. Instead, opt for stretchy, well-fitting fabrics like cotton-elastane designed to hug your curves.

Also, remember that sizes and styles within the same brands can vary from brand to brand. To ensure you get the most accurate fit, take your bust, waist, and hip measurements with a tape measure and then compare them to size charts for each retailer. This will save you a lot of frustration as you shop online.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Accessories

Fashion should be about expressing yourself and feeling confident in your skin. While it is important to consider societal beauty standards when shopping, you shouldn’t be afraid to break these rules and experiment with what looks best on you!

Embrace your curves, and don’t try to hide them with oversized or shapeless clothing. Instead, opt for tops with strategic draping or ruching that accentuate your waist or camouflage problem areas. Pair these pieces with a structured blazer or denim jacket to cinch your waist.

If you struggle to figure out what flatters your shape, ask a stylist for help! Your personal style consultant will recommend pieces that reflect your unique body type, budget, and style.

Fashion has no size limit, and women of any size can rock any style with the right knowledge and confidence. You can unleash your power style and feel fabulous in every outfit by embracing your body shape, playing with colors and prints, investing in quality shapewear, experimenting with proportions, and confidently accessorizing.


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