5 Tips for Your Outfit during the Interview

5 Tips for Your Outfit during the Interview

You might be the most talented and brilliant applicant for the job. Even if you have perfectly answered all your interview questions, you might not get your dream job if you are not dressed up right for the interview.

Appropriate attire is as important for a job as writing a resume or a cover letter.

You might have gone through the phrase:

“The first impression is the last impression.”

So, the way you present yourself in front of the interviewer is very important to leave a long-lasting impression.

Since choosing the best outfit for the interview is never easy a bit of expert advice is always essential. Here are 5 Best Interview Outfit Tips from the experts to help you dress for success.

1. Dress Your Best For Interview

Kim Zoller of Image Dynamics stated that 55% of the first impression is based on how you dressed. Your outfit may seem to you like a shallow concern as compared to your ideas and experience, but how dressed makes a difference to how interviewers will assess you as a candidate.

Here are some tips for the Professional Attire for Men and Women. Have quick access at these basics.


Professional Attire for Women
• Choose a Solid Color Conservative Suit.
• Moderate Shoes
• Neat and Professional Hairstyle
• Manicured nails
• Opt for Simple and Sober colors and no low-cut necklines
• Light Makeup
• Limited accessories


Professional Outfit for Men
• Solid Color Conservative suit and tie
• White long sleeve shirt
• Neat and Professional hairstyle
• Dark socks with professional shoes
• Neatly trimmed nails
• Very limited jewelry

2. Remember the Occasion

Suit and tie may not go with all occasions. Like at Consultancy firms, candidates are advised to appear like they are meeting a client. For ad agency, wearing jeans are okay.

So, it is always better to research about the dress code of the company for which you are going to appear.

Talk to the local recruiters who know the industry well. They can guide you for the appropriate dress code for the occasion.

Another occasion to prepare for is the weather and climate. Pick the clothes that accommodate the climate.

3. Stay up-to-date

Interviews are all about sending the right message about you. Nothing can send a wrong message than an outfit that doesn’t adhere with the today’s dress code. Keep yourself away from old clothes and styles, at least older than five years.

Another red signal to look for is going too casual and fresh for an interview. Yes, hiring managers want to see your fresh styles, but they don’t want to see the nose rings or the way you dress like you are on the way to the club.

Even you are just graduated college student; don’t appear like this in front of the interviewer. Dress like you have had a similar job or better.

4. Don’t forget to focus on your shoes

For men, it is advisable to invest in a pair of leather shoes that are more durable, comfortable,and looks great for interviews.

For women, the length of the heel is very important. To maintain a professional look, do not wear heels more than 3 inches. If you don’t like to wear heels, you can go with a ballet flat or kitchen heels.

5. Stay Comfortable

Hiring managers can easily spot candidates who are nervous and uncomfortable. The discomfort may be from the new shoes or the dress you wear. Pick the clothes and the shoes for the interview that help you win the job. Don’t forget to remove the tags of your new outfit.

Women often face a dilemma to choose between Indian or Western attire. Experts’ advice to opt for the option they are most comfortable with. You should look confident and comfortable in what you wear for the interview.

Your choice of interview clothing might seem a small factor, but it can be a huge factor to make a winning impression on the interviewer.

It is one factor that is completely in your control. So, why wouldn’t you do some efforts to dress the part? You just need to do some homework for the best interview outfit. Your interview appearance should compliment your presentation just like an actor’s wardrobe.

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