When it comes to adding a little bit of rock to your wardrobe, are you stuck with the same old ripped up band tees? Maybe you’re looking for ways to make your closet feel a little bit more rockstar and a little bit less frilly.

Whether you’re into emo, pop-punk, metal, grunge, or whatever else, you won’t be let down with these 9 punk style clothing essentials. This is just the place for you to get those creative wheels turning and on your way to an edgier look.

From Joan Jett to Courtney Love and Black Flag to the Sex Pistols, you’re sure to make these punk icons proud.

Punk Style Clothing

1. Black Boots

A black ankle bootie is the perfect addition to any outfit to make sure you’re feeling the most punk. There are tons of options to go with including studs, chains, and more. Plus, add a heel for a more feminine look.

Or you can go the traditional route and get some Doc Martens. Basically the shoe of punk, these guys have been around since the 1940s and haven’t disappeared since.

2. Lived-In Flannel

More popular amongst 90’s fashion icons, flannel is the perfect fit for a more rock style wardrobe. Oversized, ripped, and that lived-in look will add just the vibe you need to make your next punk outfit.

One of the big keys here is: you’re careless.

3. Black Jeans

Your basic pair of black skinny jeans are just what we’re talking about. Add some rips in them to make sure you’re fitting the bill. This is a staple piece in punk style clothing.

Miss this one and you’ve basically committed a punk fashion crime.

4. Babydoll Grunge Dress

Speaking of Courtney Love, you’ll be showing her respect when you wear your new babydollgrunge dress. Some will call it grunge and some even call it kinderwhore. She’s been deemed as the Queen of 90’s Fashion.

These cute babydoll style dresses create juxtaposition when paired with the other darker trends. Often times this style can be called messy but again, this is rock and who cares.

5. Denim or Leather Jacket

Thank the Ramones for this leather jacket trend and the grunge scene for the denim. Both of these are essential no matter how warm it is outside because fashion supersedes all. Nowadays, you’ll want to grab one that’s a little bit bigger than your regular fit.

Don’t worry if they get worn out from wear, this scene says your jacket looks better like that anyway. Plus, you can add buttons and patches to make them look even edgier.

6. Chains and Jewelry

Accessories are super important to get right otherwise it can throw off the whole look. Chains, studs, chokers, leather bracelets, skull rings and skull jewelry are a great addition to any outfit.

You might even find some punk goth style items to memorialize your favorite punk and rock icons.

7. Epic Purse or Backpack

A leather purse or backpack is another great accessory when it comes to punk style clothing. Reach for simplicity or go for the all-out studded pieces to complete your outfit.

8. Striped Sweater

Johnny Rotten from the Sex Pistols made this one a hit when he decided to make a mohairstriped sweater his go-to piece. You’ll want to stick to a more neutral color palette to ensure peak punk style clothing.

9. DIY

Rock is about rebellion. Take that clothing item and make it yours. Cut up your tees or jeans for a more worn-out look. You can even sew some pieces together for an edgier style. The best way to go for this one is to hit the thrift store.

Rock Out With Punk Style Clothing

gaming girl

Now that you’ve got your essentials, you’re ready for your next show or for just everyday life. These punk style clothing trends surely won’t be changing anytime soon. They have already stood the test of time.

Always remember punk is more than fashion, it’s a state of mind. If you’re looking for some funny background, check out the movie SLC Punk!

Leave a reply below to let us know which of these clothing essentials have you feeling the rock and check out our other blogs. We offer great articles about everything from fashion, beauty, parenting, health, and DIY!


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