We were making travel preparations when we discovered we forgot to buy beach towels for the holidays vacation, since we have not traveled in years with the pandemic.

We searched online and Tesalate from Australia saved the day. We preferred the Tesalate Bora Bora Navy Towel Today as it is Unisex. We had written an article about them a few months back so we decided to check them out. We saw a lot of lovely towels on their online store as well. The towel is named after the famous travel destination which has all pastel shades of blue and green.

The sand-free towels are not just for the beach. Checking the reviews it seems shoppers also use Tesalate sand-free towels for their workouts, yoga and backyard picnics. Some even use it as home accents and blankets because it’s fast-drying, super absorbent, compact and light, some also use it when going hiking, camping or any physical activity.

The Towel is a full-size beach towel (160cm x 80cm). It is made of rapid-drying fabric. It only needs half the time of a regular towel to dry off. The towel has a handy hook, to hang it anywhere too!

Besides being Unisex , the towel is double-sided, making it easier to match with swimsuits and with Hubby/Wife. Hubby prefers the blue already so that is settled.


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What I really liked about it is the free pouch that comes with it. Making my travel packing easier and carrying it around for after the beach at dinners.

They come with a Thank You Note from the founders which really left a special touch in our hearts.

With amazing quality of the fabric and design, all the family will be using this towel. Making the Bora Bora Towel, from Tesalate the Perfect Travel Essential for our family.


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