In a delightful collaboration that pays homage to a timeless fashion icon, Keds and Barbie™ have joined forces to create a captivating capsule collection that celebrates Barbie’s 65th anniversary in style. This collaboration marries the iconic charm of Barbie with the comfort and versatility of Keds sneakers, resulting in a collection that captures the essence of both brands while offering a fresh take on classic footwear.

A Tribute to Timeless Style: Barbie’s 65th Anniversary

Keds Barbie

For six and a half decades, Barbie has captivated the hearts and imaginations of millions around the world with her impeccable style, boundless creativity, and timeless appeal.

Since her debut in 1959, Barbie has evolved from a fashion doll to a cultural icon, inspiring generations of girls (and boys) to dream big, embrace diversity, and express themselves through fashion and play.

As Barbie celebrates her 65th anniversary, her influence on fashion, beauty, and pop culture continues to resonate, making her a beloved and enduring symbol of empowerment, self-expression, and female empowerment.

From her iconic pink convertible to her extensive wardrobe of couture-inspired outfits, Barbie embodies the spirit of adventure, individuality, and limitless possibilities—a legacy that continues to inspire and empower people of all ages around the globe.

The Keds Capsule Collection: A Stylish Tribute to Barbie

To commemorate Barbie’s 65th anniversary, Keds has collaborated with Barbie™ to create a special capsule collection that pays homage to the iconic fashion doll’s rich heritage and timeless style.

Keds Barbie

This exclusive collection features four unique designs that showcase Barbie’s influence on fashion and culture while offering a fresh and contemporary interpretation for today’s fashion-forward consumers.

1. The Classic Keds x Barbie™ Sneaker

The centerpiece of the collection is the Classic Keds x Barbie™ sneaker, which pays homage to Barbie’s iconic status as a fashion icon.

This timeless sneaker features a clean white canvas upper adorned with playful Barbie™ logo detailing and signature pink accents, capturing the essence of Barbie’s signature style with a modern twist.

With its classic silhouette and versatile design, the Classic Keds x Barbie™ sneaker is a wardrobe essential for Barbie enthusiasts and sneaker aficionados alike.

2. The Retro-Inspired Barbie™ High-Top

Drawing inspiration from Barbie’s retro roots, the Barbie™ high-top sneaker channels the nostalgia of Barbie’s early years while adding a contemporary spin.

This retro-inspired sneaker features a bold color palette, graphic Barbie™ prints, and retro-inspired details that evoke the spirit of vintage Barbie dolls and their iconic fashion ensembles. With its eye-catching design and playful charm, the Barbie™ high-top sneaker is sure to turn heads and spark conversations wherever you go.

Keds Barbie

3. The Glamorous Barbie™ Platform Sneaker

For those who want to make a bold fashion statement, the Barbie™ platform sneaker offers the perfect blend of style and sophistication. This glamorous sneaker features a platform sole, metallic accents, and shimmering Barbie™ logo detailing that exudes Barbie’s signature glamour and sophistication.

Whether paired with casual denim or dressed up for a night out, the Barbie™ platform sneaker adds a touch of sparkle and shine to any ensemble, making it a must-have for fashion-forward Barbie fans.

4. The Playful Barbie™ Slip-On Sneaker

Rounding out the collection is the Barbie™ slip-on sneaker, a playful and versatile option for those on the go. This easy-to-wear sneaker features a slip-on design, elastic goring, and whimsical Barbie™ graphics that capture the playful spirit of Barbie dolls and their endless adventures.

Whether running errands, hitting the gym, or hanging out with friends, the Barbie™ slip-on sneaker offers comfort, style, and convenience in one chic package.

Celebrating Barbie’s Enduring Legacy

Keds Barbie

As Barbie celebrates her 65th anniversary, her influence on fashion, culture, and female empowerment continues to shine bright, inspiring generations of individuals to dream big, embrace diversity, and express themselves boldly and fearlessly.

Through the Keds capsule collection, Barbie’s timeless style and iconic charm are celebrated and reimagined for a new generation, offering fans of all ages the opportunity to channel their inner Barbie and step into a world of creativity, imagination, and endless possibilities.

Whether you’re a lifelong Barbie fan or simply appreciate the timeless appeal of classic sneakers, the Keds capsule collection offers something for everyone to enjoy.

With its playful designs, vibrant colors, and nostalgic charm, this collaboration between Keds and Barbie™ is a stylish tribute to a fashion icon and a celebration of Barbie’s enduring legacy that continues to inspire and empower individuals around the world.


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