There was a time when shiny black leggings were more for the really confident and really outgoing, maybe to wear on a night out when you want it to look like you are in leather pants. But today they are more popular in the gym and outside of it and more people are also embracing various colours too. With a variety of patterns and colours to choose from you can stick with your classic black or be zanier.

The reason more people have picked up the shiny legging trend is that they really can suit everyone. There are shiny leggings out there for every shape and style.

Adding some flair to your activewear

They can be worn to your yoga studio paired with a crop top and then you can throw on a sweater for the food shop and then pair it with a little jacket for a night out. Shiny black leggings are extremely versatile and they add something extra to your wardrobe. Also known as cire leggings they go through a treatment that gives them a shine and in some cases even a metallic look.

For those classic blacks, you can even pretend you are Olivia Newton-John in Grease declaring you are the one that I want! There is a large range of popular brands that make them so you have a great range of choice and price range depending on the budget you have.


How to choose shiny black leggings that suit your workout

Leggings are great for working out because they suit most types of activities. Get them shorter with meshing for hot summer days, choose them longer for when you are running outside, you can lift in them, do yoga in them, dance in them and more.

When you are choosing a brand consider things like fit, the material used, whether they are breathable, their durability and also whether they are moisture-wicking. To find the best you should;

1. Check the material for durability and moisture-wicking properties – There are a lot of cheap leggings out there that after a few uses and wash cycles become out of shape and saggy. Look at the fabric and durability. Make sure it is made from synthetic fibres rather than cotton as they are better at moisture-wicking so you are not uncomfortable and hot in wet clothing. Shiny black leggings can help reduce chaffing.

2. Check the leggings are well made – That means they have flat seams, the stitching is not coming away and they feel comfortable in whatever position you are in! Ideally, to stop them from riding up, they would have a gusset at the crotch area.

3. Do a sweat test to check the moisture-wicking claims – You can use a small drop of water on the material to check if it really is moisture-wicking. Use it on the inside of the legging and you want to see it absorbing in and spreading right away rather than beading.

4. Look online for product reviews and brand reviews – A good way to find out of they are well made, ride up, chafe and so on is to check what other buyers have to say about their experience.


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