We’re excited to share that Athleta have just launched the Athleta Girl x Simone Biles Back-to-School collection! These 8 new products are here to boost confidence through thoughtful functional design, comfortable fabrics, and stylish pieces co-created with Simone herself.

The Athleta collection includes accessories, tops, bottoms, a jumpsuit, outerwear, and more with on-garment love notes, branded trims, matte and soft sheen finishes.

We’ve included some information on the products if you are interested in check them. If there’s any additional information you need to know about this product drop us a comment in the section and please let us know.

Top 8 Products

  1. SB Limitless Backpack 

Product Description: Get back-to-school ready with this limited-edition backpack co-created with Simone herself. Made with recycled polyester fabrication for a sleek, soft hand-feel.

Price: $69.00 

  1. SB Reversible Tight 

Product Description: This stretchy and durable live-in tight is perfect for feeling confident at school, practice and other activities. Reversible for two looks in one and includes a hair tie featuring a Simone-inspired mantra.

Price: $59.00

  1. SB 3” Sweatshort 

Product Description: Made with soft, stretchy, semi-structured fleece for extra comfort, and includes an adjustable waistband with a novelty Simone drawstring.

Price: $39.00

  1. SB All Play 3” Short 

Product Description: The perfect back-to-school short designed to carry girls through all activities. Made with recycled polyester and rated UPF 50+ for excellent protection.

Price: $36.00

  1. SB Run The World 3” Short

Product Description: The perfect short for feeling confident in heading back-to-school. Made from recycled Featherweight Stretch ™fabric that feels silky sleek and light as air. Short includes drawcord with words of encouragement from Simone herself.

Price: $39.00

  1. SB Straight Leg Sweatpant

Product Description: Take on the school year with these limited-edition sweatpants that are breathable, soft, and stretchy for ultimate comfort.

Price: $65.00

  1. SB Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Product Description: Gear up for back-to-school with this wide leg jumpsuit. Made with buttery soft Powervita fabric that feels like a gentle hug, and rated UPF 50+ for excellent protection during school, practice and other activities.

Price: $75.00

  1. SB Convertible Jacket 

Product Description: Encouraging words across the Jacket are designed to empower her in school, practice and other activities. Made with lightweight down and designed to help protect from wind and rain

Price: $99.00


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