For most of us, last year HOME became our favorite place.

As the days, weeks and months came along, we discovered home is our sacred place. The place to be! The bed’s comfiness, the window’s view, the home cooked meals and the bench watched series on the sofa. Every activity at home feels Maajical, specially, if we’re dressed for the occasion: comfy & cute.


Check our Fave Activities-Home Edition

  • Dreamy nights and cozy sleep
  • The first sip of coffee in the morning
  • Discover a new favorite movie
  • Meditate watching the sunset
  • Home cooking
  • Peacefully reading in the couch
  • Rediscovering old family photos

How are these 2021 Goals going?

Getting the motivation and deciding to start is the toughest part. We know how hard it might be to start those 2021 training goals so we came up with some ideas you can start doing!

Trouble getting up early?

If your weakness is getting out of your cozy bed, try training in the afternoon or at night. When you train at night your mind will instantly switch and forget the stressful day.When finished, take a nice shower, you will sleep like a baby! Try it in this matching set.


It is too cold to train?

Try wearing a light jacket to warm up and after some minutes of jumping jacks or running, your body will feel nice to start to train.Maaji

Get your clothes ready!

When timing is limited in the morning, our best tip is to leave everything ready the day before. Clothing, shoes, water bottle and food. This way, when the alarm goes off, you can instantly get into that cute training outfit.


Start exercising at home

Nowadays we can do everything from home! Get those clothes ready and find a space where you can move. Search on YouTube the exercise you like: glute, arms cardio, dance, Pilate% kickboxing …infinite routines are available for you to start your journey! And after your workout throw a comfy sweater to complement the look.


Remember: It takes 21 days to create a habit! Start now and the rest will be easier! Shop now at Maaji and thank us later.


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